Image: Face to Face by Alex Suh

Manta Ray on Wetpixel

Wetpixel member Alex Suh posted this image of a giant Pacific manta ray (Manta birostris) on the Wetpixel Facebook group. Entitled “Face to Face”, Alex captured the image at Roca Partida, Mexico. He describes his trip:

“The trip was with a group of 16 friends coordinated by Rodrigo Friscione Wyssmann. It consisted of about 65% Mexican divers with the remaining being Americans and Canadians. We are a group of friends that have all dived together before. We were aboard the Southern Sport which is the boat from which I usually do my great white diving at Isla Guadalupe. During our trip, currents were very strong with lots of down and up drafts. Nevertheless we all had a blast and made new some great friends too.”

He used a Nikon D810 in a Seacam Housing and a Nikkor 16-35mm lens @ 35mm. He lit it with 2 x Seacam 150D Strobes. Camera settings were: 1/200@f5, ISO640.