Ikelite launches GoPro accessories

Ikelite has launched a series of accessories for GoPro cameras. Included in the new range are a Steady Tray, Pistol Grip, Handles, a kit for mounting a GoPro on an SLR housing, a quick-release kit and a kit that supplies everything needed to mount two Ikelite Gamma lights on a Steady Tray.

All the accessories are available now from your local Ikelite dealer.

Press release

Steady Tray for GoPro

Is your GoPro footage inducing motion sickness? Let’s be honest, there’s only so much post-editing work you can do to correct the unavoidable outcome of shaky video. Share your underwater footage with confidence by simply adding this lightweight, precision-machined aluminum tray to your GoPro camera. Steady Tray for GoPro encompasses two mounting points, designed to meet both your comfort and lighting needs. For more info, visit www.ikelite.com.

Pistol Grip for Steady Tray

Add a Pistol Grip to your Steady Tray for GoPro for increased comfort and stability. Durable ABS handle with soft-touch rubberized over-mold. Slightly angled for improved ergonomics. Attaches with a single screw for easy removal when backing or in between dives. Steady Tray sold separately. For more info, visit www.ikelite.com.

Quick Release Handles for Steady Tray

The Ikelite Quick Release Handle allows for easy attachment and removal of arm components at the touch of a button for added convenience above and below water. Durable aluminum and ABS construction with soft-touch rubber over-molding for a comfortable grip suited for large or small hands. Placement of release handle does not interfere with opening and closing the housing. Left and right handles sold separately. For more info, visit www.ikelite.com.

DSLR Top Mount Kit for GoPRo

Capture video while shooting stills! This mount kit is super lightweight, flexible, and includes everything you need to attach your GoPro to an Ikelite DSLR top mount. For more info, visit www.ikelite.com.

Quick Release Kit for GoPro

Capture video while shooting stills. Super lightweight and flexible, this mount kits includes everything you need to attach your GoPro to an Ikelite Quick Release Handle. Attach to the handle of any Ikelite DSLR housing or digital still housing. Tray and handle(s) not included. For more info, visit www.ikelite.com.

Tray Mount Kit for Gamma

This kit has everything you’ll need to use Gamma as a focus assist or macro video light. It’s also super lightweight and flexible, so your Gamma can shine where it’s needed most. 3/4 inch Flex Components act as a lightweight and comfortable handle for your compact system. Gamma flashlight not included. For more info, visit www.ikelite.com.


GoPro camera not included and not available through Ikelite. Ikelite products are available worldwide through the finest dive, photo and water sports retailers. Visit www.ikelite.com to find an Authorized Ikelite Dealer near you.

About Ikelite

Ikelite has manufactured and designed underwater lighting and photography equipment since 1962, and continues to pave the way with innovations in the lighting and housing markets. Like every Ikelite product, GoPro accessories are built and tested in the USA.