Ikelite announces housings for Canon G16

Ikelite has announced their new housing for the Canon Powershot G16 compact camera. It features Ikelite’s standard polycarbonate construction but is available in two versions, one featuring TTL strobe triggering (with Ikelite strobes) and the other, featuring fiber optic ports. The later housing is also significantly smaller than the TTL version.

Both will be available from November with the TTL version set to retail at $675 and the fiber one at $550.

Press release

Ikelite offers two new housings for the Canon G16

The first professional grade housing to be announced for the Canon G16 is actually TWO housings! Ikelite is proud to offer two distinct options for Canon’s latest offering in the G-series. Both housings are built by divers in the USA and depth rated to 200ft (60m).

TTL Housing for the Canon G16

Ikelite TTL circuitry has been a long-time favorite for lighting fast recycle time and seriously accurate exposure throughout the years. Now we are also bringing the convenience of exposure control right to your fingertips. Tweak your TTL exposure or take total manual control without taking your hand off of your housing. A large, simple dial directly above the camera’s LCD viewfinder acts as a remote control for Ikelite DS-series strobes. Access plus/minus exposure compensation in TTL mode, plus 7 manual power settings in half-stop increments.

For a system of this caliber, a tray and handle is essential to good handling, balance underwater and attachment of a compatible TTL strobe. An aluminum tray with left-hand rubberized grip is included with the Ikelite TTL housing for the Canon G16, providing balance and comfortable hold, plus a quick release point for your external strobe. The complete handle assembly removes with just two screws for traveling or to add the digital tray with dual handles.

MSRP $675 Available December Model No. 6146.16

Full details are on the Ikelite website.

Fiber Optic Housing for the Canon G16

For those shooters looking for the most compact and durable housing possible, we are also offering a second, more compact Canon G16 housing geared towards owners of optical strobes. This housing is just as rugged as our TTL version, but shrunk way down with comfortable thumb grips replacing the tray and handle assembly. Drop-in camera loading and a visible o-ring seal make it easy to set up and go. Two built-in ports accept Ikelite-type fiber optic cables for the triggering of single or dual Manta optical TTL strobes.

MSRP $550 Available November Model No. 6147.16

Full details are on the Ikelite website