Howard Hall profiled in New Yorker

Howard Hall

Writer Brian Lam has profiled Howard Hall in an article for the New Yorker. The article is titled “The Life Aquatic with Howard Hall” and highlights his time filming with “Pig” (the IMAX underwater camera) in West Papua.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Diving alongside Hall, I watched as he guided the rig away from the surface, where tiny islands of jagged, jungle-covered limestone dotted the horizon. Forty feet below, he found himself atop an underwater hill that dive guides in the area had nicknamed Grouper. He could see a forest of hard and soft coral, and schools of fish swimming in every direction, backlit by sunlight. Hall was looking for mobula rays—the mobula is a relative of the manta ray—feeding on a school of anchovies. A team of support divers, encumbered with lights and power cables, hovered around him while he remained near the top of the seamount. After a few moments, he turned in to the current and focussed his camera on a blue void.

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