Google and photography: Some changes ahead

Article Summary:

It would seem that one of the consequences of Internet giant Google’s acquisition of Nik Software is that the latter’s Color Efex Pro plug-in is no longer compatible with Nikon’s Capture NX2 image processing software. Nikon Europe announced that:

Shortly after the acquisition of Nik Software by Google in September 2012, Nik ended sales of the Color Efex Pro plug-in for Nikon Capture software.

Version 4 of the plug-in is now incompatible with Capture NX. Since Nik Software had been responsible for the development of the NX platform, this must raise questions about the viability of Capture NX’s platform. Elsewhere, the British Journal of Photography reports that Getty Images has granted Google a license deal that offers Google Drive users access to some 5,000 iStockphoto images for free. Photographers whose images were used were apparently paid a non-negotiable fee of $12, and all embedded image data , including copyright notices was removed from the images.