Gates releases details of new lights

Gates GT lights on Wetpixel

John Ellerbrock of Gates Underwater Products has written with some details of the company’s forthcoming GT series lights. The company has sourced LED arrays with outputs of around 13,000 lumens, but also with a color rendering index of 90.

Prices and release dates are to be confirmed.

From Gates Underwater Products

Gates GT-Series Light Update

A note from John….

Greetings to all,

The next generation Gates underwater video lights development took a significant course change earlier this spring. We found with different LED arrays we could achieve substantially higher light output and a high color rendition. I’m not publishing firm specs just yet, but you can expect ~13,000 lumens with a 90 CRI. Previously you could only get a lot of blue light or a high CRI – but not both. Gates GT-Series lets you have your cake and eat it, too.

Gates GT lights on Wetpixel

Other GT-Series features:

Of course these lights are a Gates through and through with all due measures for reliability. Prototypes are underway and will be made available to our field testers when ready.

More to follow…..