Fuji S3 Pro - 10-stop dynamic range

Photo from DPReview.com
Photo from DPReview.com

DPReview has posted a review of the Fuji S3 Pro, the successor to the popular S2 Pro, which many underwater photographers used for Nikon-mount lens and TTL strobe compatability.  The S3 Pro has done away with TTL compatibility, but claims to offer a greater dynamic range than cameras have using traditional sensors.

Phil says, “The S3 Pro’s unique selling feature, its extended dynamic range, really does exist and does work. We measured up to 10 stops of dynamic range in the camera’s “Wide 2” mode, however it’s seldom that this would be obvious in everyday shots. The reason for this is that in wide dynamic range mode you get the gain only in the highlights…”

... which sounds like great news for underwater guys looking for nice sunballs. 

“More interesting however were the results we got from Adobe Camera RAW, this revealed that there is quite a lot more dynamic range information available in the S3 Pro’s RAW files than are being extracted by either the camera’s processing (JPEG) or Fujifilm’s own Hyper-Utility2”