FIX ships the Neo 1500 DX SWR light

FIX has announced their new Neo 1500 DX SWR light’s specifications. Billed as a video, focus or macro light in one package, it features a 100° or 30° 1500 lumen beam that can be stepped in 25% or 1% increments and switched to a red mode. Its batteries can be swapped, or charged via external charging points as required.

The FIX Neo 1500 DX SWR is available now, priced at $599 in the U.S.A.

Press release

The New FIX Neo 1500 DX SWR

Every photographer has the need for focus light…AND a video light…AND a macro light…AND a red light…all at a reasonable price. Until now, there hasn’t been a consolidated light solution to compliment your photo rig with to meet every underwater encounter. Introducing the FIX Neo 1500 DX SWR, the lighting solution every photographer has been asking for.

Wide Function:

Start with the 1500 lumen wide beam. The FIX Neo’s perfect a 100° wide beam with no “snowball” effect hot spots. The intense wide white light can be used for both a focus light and a video light, whichever your ambition demands. And if 1500 lumens is a bit more power than a particular subject requires, no problem. The FIX Neo lights can be dimmed in 25% steps or 1% micro adjustments to fine the exposure on your subject.

Spot Function:

Ever spot that spectacular teeny-tiny macro subject you search your whole trip to see only to find it on a piece of dead coral or other distracting undefined mass of ocean mess? Switch the Neo 1500 SWR to spot mode and BAM! The Neo’s narrow 30° beam is perfectly lighting your subject. The Neo’s narrow beam resolves that indistinguishable mess of a background by leaving it unlit and unseen, perfectly contrasting your well lit subject.

Red Light Function:

The Sun goes down and the Moon comes up. Now dusk/night diving, your all-powerful omniscient underwater light is boiling half the ocean and sending all your critters scurrying to middle-Earth. Nice job. Instead, switch to the Neo 1500 SWR’s third charm, a red-wide beam. The majority of marine life are undisturbed or indifferent to red light but modern cameras can focus under red light superbly. Now, using your Neo’s red beam, get close, close the gap and get that tight night shot you’ve only seen in magazines!

Battery charging; as it was meant to be:

All this diving and shooting means you’re going to need to battery power to keep you pulling the shutter and less time stressing about “remaining battery time”. Now you have no worries. The Neo’s internal Li-ion rechargeable battery can be swapped with a spare between dives. Or if you’re on a more casual dive schedule, you can still charge the Neo from its gold-plated contacts and never break a seal. Two ways to charge. Two ways to win!

FIX Neo FR1 Remote Controller:

Turning your lights on and off and making a thousand adjustments during a dive shouldn’t feel like and aerobic workout. Lighting control should be a simple extension of your housing. Add on the Neo’s optional FR1 Remote Controller to your housing and adjust your light with a simple thumb press while your hands remain firmly planted on the housing. Your shot stays steady and your eye stays on the subject. No fumbling. Just results.

FIX Neo 1500 DX SWR specifications:

Model Number: 30389 MSRP: $599

The FIX Neo 1500 DX SWR is currently available world-wide.

To learn more about FIX Neo visit the FIX Neo site.

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