Epoque/PATIMA 7070 Housing for Olympus C-7070/5060

Epoque/Patima Olympus C7070/C-5060 all aluminum housing

... with patented controls and 67mm threaded front port.  Solid tray mounting for the camera and hot shoe sync for direct strobe connection.  Dual handles for strobe arm mounting. Solid aluminum back with aluminum O-ring push button controls and large LCD viewing port.  3 threaded 1/4x20 mounting holes in the bottom of the housing for accessories tray or video battery packs.

Adaptable to support a large host of accessories, lenses and strobes.

Housing cost is $1299.00
Epoque wide lens $295.00

Specifications for Epoque/PATIMA 7070

MATERIAL: Aluminum alloy

MANUFACTURING: Individual machining out of aluminum ingot

Finishing: Anodized coating after barrel sanding

COLOUR: Silver

CAMERA INSTALLATION: Secure aluminum saddle method

DEPTH RATING: Max 120 meters depth

OPERATIONAL DEPTH: Max 80 meters due to push buttons operation at depth.

SIZE: 170 x 150 x 160mm

WEIGHT: 2,180 grams/4.8Lbs on surface(including handles)

*Saddle assembly
*Power on/off lever
*Shutter lever
*Zoom lever
*Jog dial knob
*Mode dial knob
*AF/macro/mf button
*Metering button
*Exposure compensation button
*Flash mode button
*Ael/erase button
*Monitor button
*Arrow pad button
*Ok/menu button
*Aluminum handles
*Safety lock Stainless steel latches
*Tripod socket 1/4x20
*Arm bracket socket
*Wet-changeable lens port 67mm thread
*Wet-change water inletting
*Lens port protection ring

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