Diving Japan’s east coast 3 years post Tsunami

Diving Japan

Underwater life and diving has begun to rebound in a town devastated by the 2011 Japan Tsunami, Minamisanriku, which is located in the Miyagi Prefecture. Mr. Sato Chomei is an underwater photographer and owner of the dive shop Grunt Sculpin located in Minamisanriku. He has shared some images and thoughts on the recovery of the underwater landscape.

You may also recall a story of his underwater housing that was recovered after the Tsunami. Find the full article about his housing here.

In June 2011, Mr. Sato dove into the sea he once called home for the first time after the earthquake, and the scenery had completely changed. “There is no color. The world lost its color.” The tsunami carried away all the vibrant, colorful fish and the beautiful sands that decorated the sea of Minamisanriku. All that was left was miserable rubble.

In the three years since then, the area surrounding the ocean hasn’t seen much improvement, but significant changes have been happening in the sea. “Ah! This is it, this is it, this fish here is the alectrias benjamini. The eggs are about to hatch any moment!” Mr. Sato said. This alectrias benjamini had settled in the barnacles. When the parent was ready for the eggs to hatch the alectrias benjamini vibrated its tail near the eggs causing the babies to hatch, and the newborn fish quickly emerge full of energy.

The grunt sculpin, the fish that changed Mr. Sato’s life, has also returned to Minamisanriku after three years. “They’re still very small. These babies grew up in this ocean after the disaster. I’m proud that they grew to this size. (speaking to the fish) You’re so lively! You’re swimming so fast!”

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