DivePhotoGuide.com Launches Beta

DivePhotoGuide.com launched in beta during the Beneath the Sea show this past weekend.  Currently, divers and photographers can sign up for a free beta-membership with access to photo galleries from some of the top underwater photographers in the world, photo contest calendars and breaking news.

DivePhotoGuide.com’s mission statement is to “match the needs of underwater photographers and videographers of all levels with the facilities of dive operators worldwide.”

I’ve seen a demo of what the system can do, and it has tremendous potential (not publicly available, yet).  Jason has undertaken the task of gathering a ridiculous amount of data from all of the dive operators around the world, so you will be able to do searches like: “show me all of the operators in Indonesia that cost under $200/day, who have rinse tanks on their boats, where I can find pygmy seahorses.”

The DPG Dive Operator Directory will officially launch during Celebrate the Sea in Singapore this June.