Dive and See releases new broadcast monitors

Dive and See has released details of their new broadcast quality underwater monitors. These are factory sealed with internal rechargeable batteries and are neutrally buoyant. They are available with HDMI or 3G-SDI inputs and with a loop through to allows another monitor or a recorder to be connected into the video feed.

The new monitors will be available from the beginning of August. Please see the press release below for pricing

Press release

SDI underwater broadcast quality monitor

Dive and See introduces a new line of monitors with the highest picture quality and advanced features. The design is compact, elegant, manufacturer-sealed and neutrally buoyant. The high resolution 1280x800, IPS LCD screen with brightness of 400 nits and wide view angle allows to see the color-critical picture without color distortion. The loop-through capability allows user to monitor the filming and feed the signal to another source, such as an external recorder or film director monitor.

The existing line of the bulkhead connectors makes the monitor compatible with most major brands of underwater housings. The monitor has a full menu access, battery status indicator and 4 user-configurable push buttons, allowing the user quick access without scrolling through the menu. Advanced features include: Peaking filter, Pixel to Pixel, Exposure, Screen marker, Check Field, False colors, Histogram, Scanning mode, Center marker, Segmentation, Zoom, Freeze and many more.

All of the new DNC-7A monitors come equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery (4-5 hours of continuous usage), external battery charge connector, removable sun shade, ball mount, and bulkhead connector with built-in water block.

Available in four configurations:

DNC-7A (H1) – HDMI input, $2995
DNC-7A (H2) - HDMI input with loop through, $3198
DNC-7A (S1) – 3G-SDI input, $3395
DNC-7A (S2) - 3G-SDI input with loop through, $3598

Estimated shipment: beginning of August.

Dive and See is company specializing in manufacturing underwater monitors and cables. All Dive and See monitors are developed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.