DeepPro Systems releases white and color balance slate

DeepPro Systems slates on Wetpixel

DeepPro Systems has announced the release of a series of white balance, exposure and color calibration slates for underwater use. The slightly buoyant plastic slates are in a 16:9 aspect ratio and can be used both for white balancing underwater and for color correction in post production for both still and video shooters.

The white balance and color correction slate is available now at $40.

Press release

DeepPro Systems Announces the release of a White Balance and Color Calibration Slate for underwater filmmakers and photographers.

Bellingham, WA – February 26, 2015 - DeepPro Systems is proud to announce a new White Balance and Color Calibration Slate specifically designed for the underwater filmmaker or photographer.

This innovative slate provides a vital tool for the underwater filmmaker or still photographer that captures images using a flat color profile such as S-Log, RAW, Cinema DNG, ProTune or any other flat and low contrast color profile which requires post production color grading.

This durable slate works both underwater and topside. It is made of waterproof plastic, slightly positively buoyant. It features a dull finish and has a 16:9 aspect ratio. One side is all white and the reverse has a three color black, gray and white panel. Measures 9 inches x 4.5 inches and has a mounting hole for adding a Loc-Line arm or a hardware clip. Not just a White Balance slate, this slate is ideal for the following uses:

How it works: You take this slate with you on a dive and have your model or buddy hold it, or set it on the bottom, or use a loc-line arm to hold it from your housing in the camera’s field of view. You illuminate is using your video lights or natural light.

To Set Proper Exposure: Point the “Three panel side” of the slate to the camera and with your zebra setting configured to 100 IRE you adjust the exposure so that the pure white panel is not over exposed. Alternatively, you could also adjust exposure using a histogram insuring that the white and black end points fall within range.

To Set Camera’s Automatic White Balance: Many video and still cameras (e.g. the Lumix GH4, Canon and Sony Camcorders, etc.) have built in Automatic White Balance (AWB. WB) functionality. You simply point the “All White” side of the slate to the camera and activate your camcorder’s Automatic White Balance (AWB) button. This is good method for most general situations.

Accurately Adjust Colors in Post Production: Use this method if your camera captures a flat color profile such as S-Log, Cinema DNG, RAW, or GoPro Protune. The “three panel” side will act as a “standard” for adjusting the Highlights (white), Midtones (gray) and Shadows (black) in the scene. You simply record a few seconds of video of the “three Panel” side, then later while editing or color grading use a Waveform monitor or other similar tool to adjust the color balance and exposure of the Highlights (white), Midtones (gray) and Shadows (black). You can also adjust saturation, sharpness, and contrast.

DeepPro System’s product designer Mike Meagher says, “I typically record video using a very flat color profile so that I get the most from my camera’s sensor. I always take my WB/CC slate with me on a dive and a few seconds of video of the slate allows me to accurately “dial in” the colors at my computer. It’s a must have tool for the way that I film.”

Visit the DeepPro Systems website to read more about this unique White Balance and Color Calibration slate and to see sample images and tutorial videos.

The DeepPro GoPro line of underwater cinematography housings and accessories are available for order online . DeepPro Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of quality underwater video housings and accessories. DeepPro Systems has its design and marketing office located in Bellingham Washington, its manufacturing plant is located in Anaheim, CA. Our products are made in the USA.