David Doubilet’s exhibit “Below” launches Blue Ocean Film Festival

A packed house of delegates filled the opening reception for David Doubilet’s photography exhibit, Below, which launched the Blue Ocean Film Festival in Monterey California last night. Spanning Doubilet’s prolific career, the exhibit features images taken around the world, including a portfolio shot in black and white, and photographs from his story on eels in this month’s issue of National Geographic Magazine.

Sam Farr, US Representative for California’s 17th District, and strong advocate for marine conservation gave a welcoming speech encouraging delegates to continue their work in drawing attention to the beauty and plight of the ocean. The exhibit will be on view throughout the festival this week.

David Doubilet at the opening reception of his exhibit of underwater photographs, Below.




Debbie Kinder, Blue Ocean Film Festival CEO and Executive Director welcomes delegates to the opening reception




David Doubilet and Congressman Sam Farr of California’s 17th District at the opening reception




Frans Lanting, Christine Eckstrom, David Doubilet, and Jennifer Hayes




Sign for David Doubilet’s exhibit "Below,"