Canon announces firmware update for EOS 1-D C

Article Summary:

Canon has announced that it plans to offer a firmware upgrade for its EOS 1-D C that will add support for 25p recording at the camera’s maximum 4K resolution. Canon add that this is in response to requests for the feature from European shooters. The EOS 1D-C captures 4K (4096x2160) video using 8-bit motion JPEG compression and has the ability to also simultaneously output an uncompressed Full HD (1920x1080) YCbCr 4:2:2 signal to an external recorder, via its HDMI terminal. Full HD video can also be recorded directly to CF cards, at frame rates of up to 1080/60p.

Canon have, of late, tended to “advertise” their firmware updates in advance, so please don’t try to click-through to upgrade yet. This one will only be available in April but will be free to EOS 1-D C owners.