BS Kinetics announces support for Blackmagic Blackmagic Production Camera

BS Kinetics Blackmagic Production Camera on Wetpixel

BS Kinetics has announced that they plan to support the Blackmagic Production Camera. Using their trademark carbon fiber construction, the new housing is compact and lightweight, and offers support for a variety of lenses, including manual focus and zoom control. All camera functions can be controlled underwater.

The new housing will be available from June, priced at 2200 €, with an “early bird” order price of 1800 €.

BS Kinetics Blackmagic Production Camera on Wetpixel

Press release

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K – Ultra HD goes underwater

Since the beginning of this year the eagerly awaited successor of the Blackmagic Cinema, the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, is finally available. The Ultra HD camera was developed for the ambitious user and offers a great value for money in its class. Black, sober and gallant, made of high-quality aluminium, the camera isn´t only visually appealing but also very light and robust.

Furthermore the camera stands up with its inner values. As the name “4K” already betrays, the Blackmagic Production camera delivers a native resolution of 3840 x 2160. The Super 35 sensor (21,12mm x 11,88mm) makes that possible. The camera records the footage in high-quality RAW and ProRes files. This happens with a data rate of 880 Mbit/s and a dynamic range of 12 f-stops. The global shutter technology is also included and allows perfect pan and tilt.

Regarding a full frame sensor the crop factor is about 1,7. So the focal length of full frame lenses is comparable to the focal length on an APS-C sensor. If you want to record with a wide angle, APS-C lenses like the Canon 10-22mm or the Tokina 11-16mm will work fine. The bayonet is ZE and EF compatible. By using optional adapters you can also use lenses of Nikon or other manufacturers.

Further specialties are the the built-in SSD recorder, the huge LCD-Touchscreen with 5 inch diameter and the 6G-SDI output. Also there are two audio inputs, a audio output and a Thunderbolt connection. The camera is powered by the built-in lithium polymer accumulator.

By using the intuitively usable touchscreen you can control the focusing, the monitoring of the recorded scene, the input of meta data and further camera options very easy and fast, without losing the overview.

Additionally to the camera the customer gets the full version of DaVinci Resolve, a high-class grading software for Mac OS X and Windows. The DaVinci series is a pioneer in the film- and TV industry since 1984 and was distinguished with an Emmy.

BS Kinetics Blackmagic Production Camera on Wetpixel

The well-tried BS Kinetics underwater housing Atacama was specially updated for the Blackmagic Production camera 4K. With dimensions of 230mm x 137mm x 222mm (WxDxH) and a weight of about 2,4 kg its light and fits in any baggage.

The BS Kinetics port system allows the usage of a large variety of lenses. Gearwheels and a special distance ring allows mechanical control of focus and zoom. Furthermore all other functions of the camera can be controlled underwater.

Installing the camera in the housing is very easy. Just mount your camera on the separate bottom plate with the tripod screw and push it in.

For covering the power demand of the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K there is an extra space for an additional power pack. The 6G-SDI output is connected and allows the usage of an external monitor. The transmission of the HD-SDI signal to HDMI is possible by using the monitor or an external recorder. Check out the new video lights from Keldan for having the optimal light underwater.

The price of the underwater housing is 1800 € including 19% VAT (1800 € currently as a pre production special offer) and it will be available from the end of June. (shipping costs not included) Delivery contents: underwater housing, handlebar, 1 O-ring, manual. Port and battery not included.