Book: Reflections from the Past by David Salvatori

Reflections from the past on Wetpixel

Underwater photographer David Salvatori’s book about the Capodacqua Lake in Central Italy has been published. The lake is situated in beautiful scenery, crystal clear water and several submerged middle-age ruins.

The book is available to order online [riced at €28.00

Press release

Italian underwater photographer David Salvatori is pleased to announce the release of his first photographic book, titled “Reflections from the Past”.


“Reflections from the Past” is a photographic exploration in the heart of Tirino valley in Italy, ending in the crystal clear waters of the Capodacqua lake, at the culmination of a journey in which the places visited by the author stimulated fascination and personal reflections.

Reflections from the past on Wetpixel

The lake of Capodacqua is located in the Gran Sasso National Park and Laga Mountains, surrounded by unspoiled nature of vast archaeological interest. The cold and pristine water that feeds the lake comes straight from Gran Sasso along a 27km-long limestone path. The lake hosts two submerged Middle-age windmills and a partly emerged paint manufacturer, located on the edge of the basin. This year the lake was included by Sport Diver among the 50 Best Dive Sites in the World.

Besides being an amazing dive destination, Capodacqua and the surroundings can offer much more, history, nature and culture.


Th ebook is availabel to purchase online.


David Salvatori started underwater photography in 2008. Since 2011 he is participating in the most important national and international competitions, achieving many recognitions and awards.

His main interest is around nature photography and conservation issues, to which devotes his travels around the world. In recognition of his activities and awareness of some of the most endangered species of the planet, he was selected as a member of the Ocean Artist Society in 2015.