Blue Ocean Film Festival 2010 shortlist published

Blue Ocean 2010 Film Festival has announced the judges’ shortlist of entries. The event will to be held from 24 to 29 August this year in Monterey, California, and counts among its aims:

“Bringing together the worlds greatest ocean films and filmmakers.”

Tickets are now available for the event, and all films accepted into the festival will be available for viewing on-demand in the event’s video library, which will be open during the festival.

Press Release.

Without further ado we are very pleased to announce the 2010 international film competition finalists. The response to our call for submissions was outstanding with over 350 entries in 19 categories submitted by the most talented ocean filmmakers from around the world. The competition was intense and our panel of 22 judges worked diligently to narrow the list but it is with great pleasure BLUE announces the finalists of this year’s film competition.

All Finalist films will be screened during the festival (August 24 - 29) in one of our 6 Monterey Peninsula theater venues.

Honorable Mention films will be screened as our schedule allows.


Big Sur: Wild California | National Geographic TV.
Humpback from Fire to Ice | Michelle Addington.
Into The Dragon’s Lair | NHU Africa.
Orca Killing School | National Geographic TV.
Strange Days On Planet Earth: Dirty Secrets | Sea Studios Foundation for National Geographic.

Honorable Mention

Chefs A Field: Old Salts Young Guns | Warner Hanson TV.
The Farallon Islands: California’s Galápagos | Quest/KQED.

Children’s Programming.

Aquateam/Free Diving | Arcadia Entertainment.
Aquateam/ROV | Arcadia Entertainment.
Slime, Snot, Guts | Children’s BBC & Digital Dimensions Australia.
The Krill is Gone | Deep Green Films Ltd.
The Reef’s Got Talent | Children’s BBC & Digital Dimentions Australia.

Honorable Mention.

Sea Adventure | Fortes, McLitus, Weiting, Lukowski.

Dot Docs.

Humbolt Squid: An invader in the Sea of Cortez | RTSea Productions.
My Pod | Ray Hollowell and Maggie Franks / PlanSEA TV.
What Children Know | Blue Voice.
Willem & the Whales | MMCTA.
Yao Ming Shark Fin Soup | Wild Aid.
History Revealed | Waitt Expeditions Series.

Honorable Mention.

Arctic Summer Sea Ice: It’s Melting! | RTSea Productions.
He Heard the Dolphins’ Cry | Blue Voice.
Requiem for the Orcas | Blue Voice.
Shark Ecotourism at Isla Guadalupe | RTSea Productions.
Disappearing Dolphins | Earth Ocean Media.

Emerging Underwater Filmmaker.

In the Eye of the Whale | MMCTA.
In the Wake of Giants | Akua Films.
Where the Whales Sing | Andrew Stevenson.

Honorable Mention.

Invasion Azul (Blue Invasion) | Arnaldo Diaz.
Leatherback | Clay Wiseman.
Life By The Tide | Joshua Cassidy.

Excellence in Underwater Cinematography.

Into The Dragon’s Lair | NHU Africa.
Killer Whales | Pangolin Pictures.
Undersea Edens / The Majestic South | Reigndrop Media.
Undersea Edens / Rainforest to Reef | Reigndrop Media.

Honorable Mention.

Superfish | Wild Logic LLC.
Undersea Edens / The Frozen Isle | Reigndrop Media.

Featuring Monterey Bay.

A Wave of Change - CA MPA’S | Mountain & Sea Productions.
Big Sur: Wild California | National Geographic TV.
II Mare di Joe | Eno Incontro - ETHNOS.

Honorable Mention.

What’s Killing the Sea Otters | Quest/KQED.

Land Sea Connection.

Sola | Oceans 8 Films.
The Bearing Sea: Eco System in Crisis | Mellissa Thompson.
Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water | Surfrider Foundation.
Big River | Wicked Delicate Films / Mosaic Film.
What Would Darwin Think? | Oceans 8 Films.

Honorable Mention.

California’s Lost Salmon | Quest/KQED.
Eating the Ocean | Reel Blue.
Heen Taak | Pixnat.
Plastic Seas | Quest/KQED.

Marine Earth Sciences.

Drain the Ocean | National Geographic Channel.
One Ocean: Changing Seas (episode 4) | CBC Broadcasting.
Tracking Their Silent Voices | Ton und Film.
Scary Tsunamis | Quest/KQED.

Honorable Mention.

Operation Deep Sea / Shedding Light in the Darkness | Marco Polo Film.
Orca Killing School | National Geographic TV.
Kilauea Mountain of Fire | Pangolin Pictures.

Marine Animal Behaviour.

Andrea: Queen of the Mantas | BBC/Big Waves.
Killer Whales | Pangolin Pictures.
Life: Fish | BBC.
Superfish | Wild Logic.
The Great Feast | BBC.

Honorable Mention.

A Tiger’s Tale | Wild Indie Ltd.
Orca Killing School | National Geographic TV.
Who Killed Miracle? | Who Killed Miracle Productions.

National Marine Sanctuary Shorts.

Blue Water Oasis | Cordell Banks NMS | Mountain Sea Productions.
In The Wake Of Giants | Akua Films.
The Farallon Islands: “California’s Galápagos” | Quest/KQED.
Protecting Americas National Marine Monuments | Sea Stewards Studios.

Honorable Mention.

Beneath The Rainbow Bridge | NOAA.
Flower Garden Banks NMS | Synergy Productions.
Lost on a Reef | Open Boat Films, LLC.

Non Broadcast.

In Awe of Sharks | Save Our Seas Foundation.
Isla Holbox, Whale Shark Island | Mountain Sea Productions.
National Aquarium: Marine Animal Rescue Program | National Aquarium.
The Gray Whale | Oceans Today.
Wyland Glass Art Series | Richmond Productions.

Honorable Mention

Beneath The Rainbow Bridge | NOAA. Coral Forests of the Deep | Oceans Today.
Coral Reef Alliance PSA | Coral Reef Alliance.

Ocean Exploration and Adventure.

Adventures: America’s Underwater Treasures | Ocean Futures Society.
Atlantic Crossing: A Robot’s Daring Mission | Rutgers University.
Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures - America’s Underwater Treasures | Ocean Futures Society.
Life: Creatures of the Deep | BBC.
Mysteries of the Shark Coast | Digital Dimensions.
One Ocean: Mysteries of the Deep | CBC Broadcasting.

Honorable Mention.

Expedition Antarctica | NHNZ.
Madstreak | Nancy Ogden.

Ocean Issues & Conservation.

Bag It | Reel Thing Productions.
Global Focus VIII : The New Environmentalist | Valley Film Group.
Strange Days on Planet Earth: Dirty Secrets | Sea Studios Foundation for National Geographic.
South Pacific: Fragile Paradise | BBC.
The End of the Line | Calm Productions.

Honorable Mention.

A Shelter Sea: The Southern Passage | The Baum Foundation.
Belly-up: Salmon in Peril | Andrew Deiters.
Home For Hawksbill | Jordan Plotsky Productions.
Sea the Truth | Monique Van Dijk Armor.
Students Saving The Ocean | Mediamobc.

Ocean Sports.

Aspiring Depths | Blue Eye FX Productions.
Beautiful Wave | Portfolio Films America.
Drop Zone Tahiti | Body Glove International/PADI.
The Ultimate Wave Tahiti | Stephen Lowe Co.

Honorable Mention.

Floating: The Nathan Gocke Story | Curtis Birch Inc.
From the Badlands to Alcatraz | Nancy Iverson.
Riding the Wave of Autism | Birdman Productions.
The Board Meeting | Franks & Associates.
Weightless | Organized Chaos Mediaworks.
We Love Sharks | Body Glove International.

Original Music Score.

In the Wake of Giants | Akua Films.
Into the Dragon’s Lair | Geta Palm.
Disneynature OCEANS | Jake Eberts / Disneynature - Don Hahn.
Willem & the Whale | MMCTA.


Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification | Sherry Goldberg /NRDC.
Ocean Of Truth | Conservation International.
Explore the Coral Triangle | Conservation International.
Ocean +2C | Center For Ocean Solutions / ILCP.
Plastic Seas | Quest/KQED.
The Last Ocean | Weller Media.

Honorable Mention.

A Lateral Line | 333 Productions.
A Polar Whale’s Appeal | The Oceana Project.
Eating the Ocean | Reel Blue.
Illegal Pirate Fishing | Environmental Justice Organization.
Sea Turtles | PBS Nature. The Last Frontier | Alaska Motion Pictures.

Spanish Language.

Alerta Verde: Al Rojo Vivo Tiburones Blanco | Telemundo.
Alerta Verde: AL Rojo Vivo Arrecifes | Telemundo.
Luchando por La Vida | Carlos Roberto Rivas Grom Communications.
The End of the Line/Spanish Subtitiles | Calm Productions.
Un Oceano de Verdad | Conservation International.

Honorable Mention.

Alerta Verde: Al Rojo Vivo Bellenas Grises.
Corredo Ecologia del Noreste: Conservado para el Futuro | Maria Falcon.
Invasion Azul | Estera.
Los Corales de Celebra | Maria Falcon.
Secrets de la Isla Guadelupe | Eddie Kisfaludy.

Student Films.

Albatrocity | Splashroom.
Chasing Giants | Chris Hanson and Chris Fedor.
Crab Feast or Famine | Kat Moon.
Lost on a Reef | Stephani Gordon.
Sea Adventure | Fortes, McLitus, Weiting, Lukowski.
Skimming the Surface | Landon Lott.

Honorable Mention.

Free Dem Whalez | Jamie Aquino.
Harvester: The California Urchin Diver Experience | Highliner Studios.
Marine Reserves | Adrienne Strubb.
Saving the Seaflower Conch | Brad Allgood.


At the Edge of the World | Dan Stone.
Beautiful Wave | Portfolio Films America.
Beneath the Blue | Quantum Releasing.
Confessions of an Eco Warrior | Bluerage Media LLC.
Disneynature OCEANS | Jake Eberts / Disneynature - Don Hahn.
The Ultimate Wave Tahiti - 3D | Stephen Lowe Co.
Under the Sea - 3D | Howard Hall Productions.

Special Screenings.

180 South - Conquerors of the Useless | Woodshed Films.
Coral Reef Adventure | MacGillivray Freeman Films.
Fuel | Josh Tickell.
Hurricane on the Bayou | MacGillivray Freeman Films.
La Pesca… c’era una volta | Pippo Cappellano / Capmar.


Mediterraneo, Ultima Arca | Pippo Cappellano / Capmar.
Oceanmen | Bob Talbot Productions.
On The Wings of Penguins | Robert Cline.
Palme a Mare | Pippo Cappellano / Capmar Studios.