Aquatica announces new Mini Dome 100

The parade of the compact domes continues! Aquatica today announced the launch of their new four inch dome port, the Mini Dome 100 featuring BK-7 coated glass. The dome port is specifically designed for fisheye lenses such as the 10.5mm Nikkor, 10mm Sigma, and ever-versatile 10-17mm Tokina zoom. The Mini 100 joins Aquatica’s exisiting line of dome ports, including their 9.25 inch glass Mega Dome, 8 inch and 6 inch acrylic domes. Aquatica also announced that they will soon be manufacturing this port to fit other brands of housings as well.

Compact dome ports have become extremely popular in recent months due to their small footprint for packing with today’s strict baggage allowances, and the ability to more effectively light subjects with strobes when doing extreme close focus work. Aquatica joins Zen Underwater and Seacam in offering a truly compact dome with a diameter of only 100mm (4 inches). The Aquatica Mini Dome 100 will offer optical anti reflection and scratch resistant coatings, and of particular interest to technical divers, is rated to 90m/300ft. The dome port will become available this spring, at a suggested retail cost of $699. Aquatica will have the Mini Dome 100 on display at their booth this weekend at the Beneath the Sea 2010 show.