Aquapazza announces housing for Sigma Merrill cameras

Aquapazza has announced their APSG-DPM housing for the Sigma Merrill DP system compact cameras. These feature a Foveon high resolution sensor and are supplied with a choice of three fixed lens options. Aquapazza’s housing has a modular lens port system to allow it to be used with all three cameras. It also features a rail for the attachment of a sun shield for the LCD screen and a fiber optic port for strobe triggering.

The Aquapazza APSO-DPM housing is available now.

From Aquapazza’s Toshiki Yamamoto:

Aquapazza announces the APSG-DPM housing for the Sigma Merrill DP1, DP2 and DP3.

The Sigma Merrill DP3 has a 50mm macro lens which makes it very suitable for underwater use. Its functions are all usable underwater.

Toshiki feels that “it is closer to the weight of a compact housing than that of a mirrorless one but due to its Foveon sensor, gives results similar to those of an SLR.”

The APSG-DPM housing has interchangeable ports to allow it to be used with the different Merrill models. For underwater use, either the DP1 with its 19mm wide-angle lens and the DP3 with its 50mm are the most important models. For a full system chart in a pdf format listing all the available port options, please see the Aquapazza website.

Toshiki recommends using a combination of the DP1M (19 mm) and DP3M (75 mm).

Aquapazza are supplying the housing in “Matt Black” as standard color. The color is achieved by using a surface treatment technology derived from the aerospace program. It is high hardness and is super-heat resistance. The lusterless, warm and deep blackish brown surface also has a great tactile feeling.

Aquapazza can also offer 14 conventional colors. These are available at no extra charge if requested at the time of order and there is a lead time of two weeks.

The DP Merrill cameras do not have a built-in flash but are equipped with a hot shoe. In order to trigger external strobes, it is necessary to use an LED Strobe System (Please check with Aquapazza for size compatibility). The housing has a fiber optic port.

Aquapazza has tested the following strobes for use with the Merrill DP cameras and a LED strobe system: INON D2000, Z240, S2000, SEA&SEA YS-D1.

Other strobes have not been tested. External strobes by other manufactures may not function with this system.