An Ocean Odyssey: Book by Stephen Wong & Takako Uno

An Ocean Odyssey

An Ocean Odyssey , a new book by Stephen Wong & Takako Uno, features some of the couple’s finest wide blue images of the sea. This publication documents their watery journey and their quest to capture glimpses of the pelagic inhabitants of the sea, their special moments and their relationships with the Ocean that perpetually shapes our life.


感じることはないだろうか? ‘ Blue ’ それは平和・真実の象徴。まるで、


写真集『 An Ocean Odyssey 』。



Authors: Stephen Wong & Takako Uno ( 宇野貴子 )

Foreword by: David Doubilet (National Geographic Contributing-Photographer-in-Residence with more than 18 covers and 60 stories in Nat Geo; author of many pictorial books, including masterpieces “Water Light Time”, “Light in the Sea” & “Pacific”)

Other Guest Writers:

Lee Peterson (photographer, marine-camera housing, lens & electronics manufacturer, managing owner of Marine Camera Distributors of San Diego, California, USA; author of “Liquid Light”)

Yoshino Yusuke, 吉野雄輔 (marine wildlife photographer who has traveled to more than 80 countries for his ocean work and with over 15 books published; considered to be one of the top photographic gurus in Japan)

Yoshi Hirata, 平田吉克 (another Japan photographic guru specializes in small critters; discoverer of more than 10 new species of marine life; author of “My Ocean” & “My Expression of Love for the Sea with … Yoshi”; managing owner of P-com Resort of the Philippines)

Hiroya Minakuchi, 水口博也 (recognized as the top cetacean photographer in Japan who specializes in whales, dolphins and other large animals; author of more than 30 marine photography books, video CDs, DVDs and novels; publisher of “Sphere” magazine)

Steve Lu (award winning photographer; author of “Back to Nature – the Galapagos”)


240 pages, 10.5inches X 10.5inches (268mm x 268mm), Hard Cover.

Printed in both English & Japanese. Completion in April 2005.

An Ocean Odyssey retails at US Dollars Sixty (USD60.-)

(Postage and handling charges to be advised upon order)

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“For Stephen Wong and Takako Uno the sea is an infinite blue stage enfolded in a curtain of diffuse light. Their subjects glide across this blue curtain or are mysteriously veiled just beneath its shimmering surface. Their photographs are not just portraits but are pictures of dance, a weightless ballet of whales, the frictionless arc of a dolphin and the appearance of a great white materializing out of the blue void. …


… This book is full of perfect moments. Stephen and Takako enter the sea as companions with shared vision and desire. Their images reveal an extraordinary intimacy with a world that is open, blue and infinite.”

David Doubilet

Contributing Photographer-in-Residence

National Geographic Magazine



I am often asked how I got started into scuba diving and marine photography and what is it about them that keep me captivated.

Well, the truth is that, unlike most divers, I did not choose to get started into diving, but was instead coerced into it by my brothers when I was maybe 8 or 9, in the late 1960s. I have a number of unpleasant memories of those initial dives: not only was the gear heavy and cumbersome but the scuba tank valve was merely a tad lower than I, which meant that I often returned home with sore bumps at the back of my head. …

… This book is an Odyssey that Takako and I have embarked upon together. The chapters outline our expressions. The stories reflect the individual encounters. And, the images … we hope that they speak for themselves.





( 本文より抜粋 )

Stephen Wong & Takako Uno ( 宇野貴子 )


Lee Peterson, photographer, marine-camera-housing & lens manufacturer

“Have you ever had the desire to travel to another world where you could meet the alien life forms that live there? Have you ever wondered what they would look like or consider how you would communicate with them? … The biggest thrill of adventure we have is to meet the giants of the ocean up close. …

When you look at the images created by Steve Wong and his life partner Takako Uno you get a sense of the reality these animals have for themselves. …

… The vast collection of images they bring to us is just a small part of the story and the experience. We are become impressed by the scope of their work. It will inspire you to want to learn more about these life forms. Their images will bring you closer to this understanding as do their words. It is your chance to travel to another world and see what awaits you when you take the plunge into the other two thirds of this planet.”

Yoshino Yusuke, 吉野雄輔, marine wildlife photographer

An Ocean Odyssey 題の通り、我々海を愛するダイバーが、 一 度はこんなシーンに立 ちあいたいと夢みる、そんな 写真ばかりである。 ふたりのバイタリティ ーに、同じダイバーとして感動します。 ”

Yoshi Hirata, 平田吉克, marine wildlife photographer

“ 底 抜けに明るくユーモア-溢れるスティーブンと、控えめでお淑やかながら

勝気なタカコ。 そんな素敵な二人が、いつまでも世界中の大海原を泳ぎ回って

欲しいと願 っています。 ”

Hiroya Minakuchi, 水口博也, marine wildlife photographer

“ 本書 An Ocean Odyssey のページをめくる人は誰もが、 Stephen が優れた語り手(情報発信者)であることを感じとる。しかし、もしも彼の軌跡をもとめて



( 以上本文より抜粋 )

Steve Lu, photographer

“This is the best collection of images of its kind I’ve ever laid eyes on. Stephen and Takako journeyed, most of their adult life, to both sides of the world’s ocean, bringing along their passion for life. ‘An Ocean Odyssey’ gives me great pleasure in sharing this odyssey of passion. …” _____________________________________________________________

For more on Stephen Wong and Takako Uno’s photography and detail profiles, please visit their websites: www.stephenwong.com & www.takakouno.com .