After 100-years, scientists realize Chesapeake Bay Sea Nettles are their own species

Bay nettle

Irritating and stinging sea nettles are an integral part of the Chesapeake Bay, but have found themselves the subject of a centuries-old case of mistaken identity. The sea nettles inhabiting the Chesapeake were long thought to be the same species as the Chrysaora quinquecirrha living in the Atlantic, however, some scientists decided to take a closer look. Low and behold, the newly described Bay Nettles are half the size, have half as many tentacles, and have arms that are almost twice as long as the long recognized Sea Nettle. The new species has been named Chrysaora chesapeakei, or Bay Nettle Jelly.

Now some scientists are thinking about taking a closer look at some other jelly species.

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