Fisheye FIX LIGHT HG20DX Spotting Light Photo

Fisheye FIX LIGHT HG20DX Spotting Light

Digital cameras, and especially consumer cameras, have difficulty acquiring autofocus lock in dim lighting. Since light is removed by the water column, in many diving situations, it is beneficial to have a supplementary light source to help the camera focus. A bright focused light source is good for spotting, but it can be a problem as it may show up as a hot-spot in slower exposures. The solution is to use a lamp with a diffuser that spreads out the light in an even pattern. One such light is the FIX LIGHT manufactured by Fisheye in Japan . Wetpixel received this light for review and testing and I am happy to report the results.

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Hugyfot Nikon D70 Housing Photo

Hugyfot Nikon D70 Housing

A note in our forums informed us that Hugyfot's new Nikon D70 housing will be ready "in the next few weeks." I would like to Hugyfot's website, but neither hugyfot.de nor hugyfot.com has any useful information.

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Trip Report: Uepi Island Resort Photo

Trip Report: Uepi Island Resort

I've just posted a trip report and review of the Uepi Island Resort, which is located on Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands. Uepi offers fantastic diving with backpacker-style accomodations.

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SEA 2004 Correction

Our apologies for leaving John Durden out of the mentioned Wetpixel members. John won first place in the Novice Print category. Congratulations, John!

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SeaLife offers holiday rebates

Sealife has announced holiday rebates for their underwater digital cameras (DC300 / DC310 $25, DC310 Pro Set $50, DC310 Digital MAXX $100)

To claim your rebate, camera must be purchased between November 22nd and December 31st, 2004 at an authorized SeaLife retailer.

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NCUPS SEA 2004 Winners Photo

NCUPS SEA 2004 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of this year's NCUPS SEA 2004 Photo Contest! We've assembled a list of the winners, which include many Wetpixel members. In particular, Todd Mintz swept the entire novice category, winning every possible placement -- and the Best of Digital award -- with his amazing images. Other Wetpixel members who placed include Kasey Canton, Herb Ko, Rand McMeins, Christopher Menjou, Joe Belanger, Linda Cline, and John Durden. Kasey, Herb, Rand, Christopher, Joe, and John all placed first in various categories. Kasey also won Best of Prints and beat out all of the professional entries, winning the Bob Comer Award for Excellence in Underwater Photography, and Joe Belanger won Best of Slides. Continue reading for full result list!

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Sept/Oct Photo Contest Extended

The Sep/Oct Official Photo Contest has been extended to end on November 30th, 2004! Again, apologies for the delay. Apologies for the delayed judging -- we are going to redefine how the official contests work when Wetpixel gets an overhaul in the first quarter of 2005.

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Aquatica Kodak Housing Photo

Aquatica Kodak Housing

We have just posted some sample underwater photos taken by Mauricio Handler as well as a few shots of the new Aquatica housing for the 14 megapixel Kodak 14n/ProSLRn. I too own a Kodak ProSLRn and I'm excited to give this housing a try.  Make sure to check out Mauricio's sample images, taken with the older Kodak 14n.  They look great posted at web size, but when printed at 20" x 30" is when these megapixel monsters really show their stuff.

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