Boston Sea Rovers 51st Clinic 2005 Photo

Boston Sea Rovers 51st Clinic 2005

After the tremendous fortune of being invited to give a seminar on underwater digital photography last year, I returned this year to give two 3-hour workshops at the 51st Boston Sea Rovers Clinic, held as usual at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel. Unlike the wonderful weather we had last year, this year’s clinic was held buried in snow—just before the arrival of a massive New England winter storm.

On the evening of Friday, March 4th, the speakers, sponsors and Sea Rover members assembled at the Gamble Mansion for a party. The Sea Rovers Clinic is known for attracting household names in the industry, and this year’s event was no different…

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Fuji S3 Pro - 10-stop dynamic range Photo

Fuji S3 Pro - 10-stop dynamic range

DPReview has posted a review of the Fuji S3 Pro, the successor to the popular S2 Pro, which many underwater photographers used for Nikon-mount lens and TTL strobe compatability.  The S3 Pro has done away with TTL compatibility, but claims to offer a greater dynamic range than cameras have using traditional sensors.

Phil says, “The S3 Pro’s unique selling feature, its extended dynamic range, really does exist and does work. We measured up to 10 stops of dynamic range in the camera’s “Wide 2” mode…”

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Inon D-2000 S-TTL Strobe Photo

Inon D-2000 S-TTL Strobe

At DEMA 2004 here in Houston, Mark Rupert from Inon America took a few minutes to explain the functions of their new D-2000 Strobe. This is an optically-triggered only strobe, meaning there is no place to connect an electronic sync cord. It is specifically targetted at the underwater consumer camera photographer using a Canon, Olympus, or Nikon OEM housing, and wanting automatic flash exposure control. Inon Japan lent Wetpixel some equipment to review and test, as there is a lot of interest in the D-2000 and many questions about how well it works. 3-15-05 Update: I've added some underwater photos taken using the D2000 on a recent dive trip.

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BBSR Scientific Photography Course Photo

BBSR Scientific Photography Course

Cephalopod expert Dr. James Wood is offering a course on scientific photography at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR) this July 31 to August 20th, 2005.  The intense, three week course is open to members of the public with a science or photography background, and will cover the photography basics and more advanced topics, like underwater photography.

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Nikon D2X and Subal ND2 Review Photo

Nikon D2X and Subal ND2 Review

For the last couple of years Nikon photographers have looked across pretty jealously at the top of the range digital SLRs offered by Canon. In the prosumer DSLR category the Nikon D70 is a good alternative to Canon’s offerings, but at the high spec end the Canon 1DS and 1DS Mk2 have stood pretty much unchallenged by Nikon. That was until two weeks ago, when Nikon finally released the highly anticipated 12.4 Megapixel D2X.

Wetpixel Co-Admin, Alex Mustard has just returned from a week in the Red Sea shooting underwater with this camera. Here is his report.

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Canon 10-22 Lens and Ikelite 8” Dome Port Photo

Canon 10-22 Lens and Ikelite 8” Dome Port

Canon recently released a wideangle zoom lens for their 1.6x cropped sensor cameras with the EF-S lens mount. At this time, that includes the 300D, the 350D, and the 20D. The lens has a minimum f-stop of f3.5 at the wide end, and an excellent zoom range for underwater photography.

This review is broken up into two parts, the first part is about how the lens performs above water, and the second part is a review of the Ikelite implementation of an 8” dome port and how the 10-22 performs behind this dome, as compared to their standard 5” dome. A special thanks to Ikelite for sending Wetpixel the dome port for testing.

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Underwater Images Photo Contest 2005 Results Photo

Underwater Images Photo Contest 2005 Results

Results from the Underwater Images Photo-Video Competition 2005 have been posted on their website.  I don’t see many Wetpixelians in the list of winners, but I’d like to congratulate Cor Bosman and Julie Edwards (a couple) for both receiving honorable mentions!  Winning photographs and the prize list will be posted on April 1.

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An Ocean Odyssey: Book by Stephen Wong & Takako Uno Photo

An Ocean Odyssey: Book by Stephen Wong & Takako Uno

Stephen Wong and Takako Uno recently sent me a preview of their new book, An Ocean Odyssey

, which “documents their watery journey and quest to capture glimpses of the pelagic inhabitants of the sea, their special moments and their relationships with the Ocean that perpetually shapes our lives.”  The images in the book are beautiful; As artists, Stephen and Takako have taken blue-water photography to its highest level. 

An Ocean Odyssey

will be released at the end of April.  Continue reading for more information.

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Asian Diver 2005 Shootout, Indonesia Photo

Asian Diver 2005 Shootout, Indonesia

Eco Divers and Asian Diver Magazine invite underwater photographers to pit their skills against each other, enjoy a wonderfully relaxing holiday in scenic North Sulawesi and have a chance to win one of 14 fantastic prizes from a panel of distinguished judges.

Shootouts will be at the Kungkungan Bay Resort and Tasik Ria Resort, and feature a specific category for digital images.

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