Wetpixel Quarterly Collector’s Edition is now available for pre-order Photo

Wetpixel Quarterly Collector’s Edition is now available for pre-order

Tired of your luscious issues of Wetpixel Quarterly being exposed to the elements? This archival, anodized aluminum box, with laser-engraved artwork, will store and show off your first four issues of WPQ in style. The WPQ Collector’s Box features lift-off lids, are fully archival and feature finger notches on the sides to facilitate removal of the lids. Each box is 1” thick and holds 4 issues (1 year) of Wetpixel Quarterly magazine.

We are offering a limited number of boxes pre-stuffed with the first four issues of Wetpixel Quarterly. Issue #3 is already officially sold out and issue #2 is running dangerously close, so this is now your only way to get them!

Wetpixel Collector’s Boxes and Team Wetpixel t-shirts are available from our new Merchandise and Swag page.

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Wetpixel t-shirts available for order Photo

Wetpixel t-shirts available for order

(REPOST) We are excited to announce the immediate availability of organic cotton Team Wetpixel t-shirts! You saw all the Wetpixel staff wearing ‘em at DEMA, and now, you can get one for yourself. This is only the second shirt Wetpixel has ever done. The design is simple; we wanted something that we ourselves would wear proudly (and we do).

To order, go over to our eBay item listing. We ship worldwide. There are limited quantities available, so act now!

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Discovery Channel Special: Squid Invasion Photo

Discovery Channel Special: Squid Invasion

The Discovery Channel is set to air a special on the Dosidicus gigas, or Humboldt squid, called Squid Invasion on Sunday, November 23 at 9PM in the United States (check local listings for exact time).

Among others, Wetpixel moderator Dr. James Wood was a scientific contributor to the broadcast, which tries to understand the reasons behind the recent surge in this cannibalistic squid’s population and impact on local fisheries…

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Field Review of Nikon D700 in Subal ND700

Wetpixel’s Alex Mustard has posted his detailed field review of the Nikon D700 and Subal ND700 housing in the Red Sea. This fully featured, but compact sized DSLR offers the full frame imaging system and auto-focus of the Nikon’s celebrated D3 in more affordable package.

Alex adds “Keeping the theme of my recent D3 review, this is not a short read, but hopefully addresses many of the key questions of using this camera underwater.” Continue reading…

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From the forums: Frink on Seacam 150

Stephen Frink has taken the time to post his thoughts on the new Seacam 150 strobe on the Wetpixel forums. The Seacam 150 is small, but powerful with wide coverage, being a similar size and weight to an Ikelite DS160. It has a removeable battery and can be ordered with E-TTL or iTTL protocols.

Stephen says “Very accurate TTL performance, although you do have to wait for full recycle to expect the TTL will work… I haven’t been such a strong proponent of TTL with digital over the years, but once I tried this strobe and had it in the back of my mind that I could pretty well figure on getting an accurate exposure the first time”. Visit the forums for more details and discussion.

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Bite-Back Calendar 2009

For the second year, Bite-Back has inspired 12 of the world’s leading underwater photographers to support them in the unique Oceans 12 calendar that celebrates the oceans and draws attention to urgent marine conservation issues. The photographers who have donated images and an individual commentary on the exploitation of the marine environment are (in month order) Brian Skerry, Doug Perrine, Chris Fallows, Alexander Mustard, Thomas Peschak, David Fleetham, David Doubilet, James Honeyborne, Michael Aw, Tim Laman, Norbert Wu and Jeff Rotman.

David Doubilet, said: “We have a small window of time and a big responsibility to use our imagery to capture these kingdoms in the sea, but the pictures must also work hard to show what is at stake and how to help protect it.” The calendar costs £10 GBP.

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NCUPS SEA 2008 contest winners announced

The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society has (NCUPS) has announced the winners of the SEA 2008 international underwater photo competition. The Best of Show and winner of the Bob Commer Award of Excellence was taken by Wetpixel member David Barrio.

Among the award winners are plenty of familiar Wetpixel users - be sure to view the winning photographs and videos (when they are uploaded) and discuss the results in the forums. Good luck in next year’s competition!

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BBC team captures unique whaleshark behaviour

The BBC today, seem very excited about some new underwater footage that uniquely captures whaleshark behaviour. The footage forms part of a BBC Natural World wildlife programme: Whale Shark.

Dr Meekan, who is based at the Darwin office of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, said: “It does seem rather weird, someone being so excited about seeing whale shark poo. And I’m pretty certain that this is the first time it has been filmed.” Another milestone in the world of underwater imaging.

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UWP Magazine Issue 45 available for download

Underwater Photography Magazine Issue 45 is now available for download. The issue contains travel and product news relating to underwater photography as well as feature articles including Olympus Mju770SW review by Rob Spray, Making A Cheap Polecam by Alex Mustard, Patima Canon G9 review by John Cesere, Sony A350 and BS Kinetics by Karin Brussaard, Wetpixel Quarterly review by Douglas David Seifert, Cornwall’s King of Prussia by Mark Webster, Chalkidiki by Nicholas Samaras and Rabae Latridou, Bimini magic by Tim Rock & Yoko Higashide, East Kalimantan by Alex Tyrrel, Great White shark by Julian Cohen, School’s out by Mark Webster and Coding a vessel by Charles Hood.

UWP Magazine is a free PDF magazine, published every two months.

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Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 5: The Social Aspect Photo

Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 5: The Social Aspect

Kids are the first to comment upon anything out of the ordinary. A father and son were playing in the pool when I showed up to the edge, hovering protectively over my oddly-shaped black box; to which, the 3-year old instantly took note.

No doubt father and son were equally curious about the small alien spacecraft I was easing into the water, but it was the son that was unhesitant in asking “What’s that thing?” The father seemed a tad embarrassed, but he was also no doubt relieved that his own curiosity would be satisfied without having to ask me what it was…

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