RSMAS 2008 Underwater Photography Contest Photo

RSMAS 2008 Underwater Photography Contest

The RSMAS (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science) is running a photo contest with dive travel and cash prizes with a deadline for submission of March 31, 2008. Only amateur photographers can enter (defined as those who make less than 20% of their income through photography), and no photos that have been accepted for publication will be accepted.

Many Wetpixel members placed in last year’s competition (including Patrick Weir taking the grand prize). You can submit up to three entries in each category (Wide Angle, Macro, Portrait), and entry is free.

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Nikon D3 underwater housing compatibility list Photo

Nikon D3 underwater housing compatibility list

Wetpixel member Liz Hanks has compiled a list of the announced and available underwater housings for the Nikon D3 digital SLR. The list details the major features of each housing, the control accessibility, price, weight, buoyancy, dimensions, maximum depth, and availability. Remember that you may be able to buy the housings from our sponsors, and doing so supports Wetpixel!

Liz has indicated that this is very much a work in progress, and to expect updates as reviews or relevant forum threads begin to appear. If you’re considering a housing for the D3 (or, perhaps the rumored D3x), check out the forum thread on the topic.

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Former dolphin hunter starts dolphin watching tours in Japan Photo

Former dolphin hunter starts dolphin watching tours in Japan

The descendant of dolphin hunters, Izumi Ishii carried on the tradition in the town of Futo, Japan until 1996. That year, after being ignored by the Japanese National Fishery Agency and the Fisheries Section of Shizuoka Prefecture, he denounced the dolphin hunt and, in 2002, decided to launch a dolphin and whale watching boat out of Futo harbor. Ishii said at the time, “the value I now see in dolphins is not the value of their meat, but of the wonder they incite in us.

This story is a few years old, but it’s still heartening to see an individual pushing for change. Read the entire story at Blue Voice...

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Brian Skerry: Japan’s ocean wilderness Photo

Brian Skerry: Japan’s ocean wilderness

Follow Brian Skerry as he shoots his upcoming Japan ocean wilderness story for National Geographic! Brian’s journey starts as he packs up to go to Japan, and you can follow the ongoing story from there. Mauricio Handler and my friend, Hiro Drogin, are with Brian, helping with photography, logistics, and translation.

I couldn’t find an easy way to only read Brian’s entries on the blog, so you’ll have to poke around a bit to find things. Still, it’s a fascinating glimpse into his work, and is worth a visit.

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Ars Technica reviews Aperture 2, compared Photo

Ars Technica reviews Aperture 2, compared

Dave Girard at Ars Technica reviews Aperture 2 and compares its RAW conversion to Bibble Pro, Capture One, and Lightroom.

Aperture 2 isn’t doing anything groundbreaking over the previous version, but the better overall speed and Quick Preview combined with background processing alone will be worth the cost of the upgrade for many users. If you’re just checking out Aperture since running like the wind from version 1.0, rest assured that Aperture 2.0 is a completely different animal and produces very good results most of the time. Its new interface is easier to navigate and is more customizable, so it will accommodate different users’ workflows…

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Fishing charter captain finds TOPP salmon shark tag Photo

Fishing charter captain finds TOPP salmon shark tag

In August 2007, graduate student Aaron Carlisle SPOT tagged three salmon shark in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Salmon sharks “are big: they can grow to 10 feet long and weigh 900 pounds…and they can swim 50 mph.” After collecting data for six months, the tag popped off in Yakutat Bay and a $1,000 reward was offered to each of the six charter captains in the area. One captain, Geoff Widdows, searched for and found the tag after only four days.

Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP) has the full story, including photos of the tagging, the search, and the shark’s path recorded by the GPS beacon. Also, check out the TOPP poster (1.6mb PDF) advertising the shark tags.

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Erik Henchoz presents Digital Workshop in Marsa Alam, Egypt Photo

Erik Henchoz presents Digital Workshop in Marsa Alam, Egypt

Erik Henchoz has announced a digital workshop organized jointly with NITAL (Italian dealer for Nikon products), Diving Ocean and Fraco Sub (Italian importer of Sea & Sea products) to be held in Marsa Alam, Egypt from May 17-24, 2008.

Erik will have at the workshop new Nikon D300 and D80 digital SLRs and the accompanying Sea & Sea MDX-D300 housing and DX-1G underwater camera system. Diving in the Abu Dabab Bay, you may have the chance to “photograph the Abu Dabi Dugong, and, with a little chance, the Longimanus sharks of Elphinstone Reef.Sign up soon - the registration deadline is March 19, 2008!

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Carol Grant Takes Rare Photos Of Newborn Manatee

Last week, Wetpixel Member Carol Grant (seagrant) took some extraordinary photographs of a newborn manatee in Crystal River, Florida. Manatee expert Bob Bonde commented “I am certain it is a newborn male calf probably born during the night.  Photos of newborns underwater in the wild exist but are rare.” Carol has generously allowed Wetpixel to be first to showcase these remarkable shots. The photo (right) shows the newborn manatee on the back of an adult. Visit the forums for updates from Carol and more images.

On a personal note, I have been fortunate to visit Crystal River with Carol and see first hand her dedication to observing and photographing the manatees. I am very happy for her that her many hours in the water there have been rewarded with such a wonderful moment.

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Wetpixel launches surf photography forum Photo

Wetpixel launches surf photography forum

Wetpixel announces the immediately availability of a forum dedicated to surfing and wave photography!  Surf photographers are a different breed of underwater photographers, but we hope you will take advantage of the vast amount of underwater photography knowledge here on Wetpixel.  Likewise, we will learn from your knowledge, and will bow down before your bronzed figures.

Um… or something like that.

What I mean is… welcome! Share photos! Share techniques!  The forum can always be found at http://wetpixel.com/surf, or you can navigate there through our general forums (near the bottom, Other Underwater Photography -> Surf Photography). Special thanks to Norbert Wu for encouraging us to start a surf photography area.

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Moscow Golden Dolphin 2008 winners announced Photo

Moscow Golden Dolphin 2008 winners announced

The results of the 2008 Golden Dolphin International Photo and Film Festival have been posted, and we can see a few Wetpixel members who have been honored. The grand prize was awarded to Olga Kamenskaya for a photograph of sea lions, and to Danny Van Belle for the video The window of life.

Congratulate the winners on their placings in the Members in Media forum, or continue reading for the full press release from the festival…

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