Interacting with marine life to get the shot Photo

Interacting with marine life to get the shot

There is a thought-provoking discussion in the forums about “manipulation” of marine life, and how much of it (if any) is acceptable.  Although I suspect it is a debate that will never be won by either side (opinions can be quite extreme and judgmental), the discussion is fascinating and provides insight into the trade-offs and decisions we have to make each time we frame a shot of a difficult subject.

It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever thought about poking a fish to move it into position for a better shot.

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Happy holidays, and good shooting Photo

Happy holidays, and good shooting

Happy holidays, from the Wetpixel staff!  Over the past calendar year, we saw hundreds of amazing images flow through the forums, the Picture of the Week contest, and the annual Wetpixel / DivePhotoGuide photo / video contests (OWU and DEEP).  At the DEMA show, we hosted the largest happy hour yet, packing nearly 100 people into a roped-off section of the host hotel’s lobby.

In the forums, we’re hosting a thread called “Your Favourite Shot of 2007,” where our members are showing off their best work of the year.  Numerous members were also featured in all sorts of media, including well-known magazines, books, and television shows.

And finally, in September, Wetpixel launched Wetpixel Quarterly, a new print magazine featuring the best in underwater photography. We’ve just finished the 2nd issue of the magazine, which should ship out any day now.  To celebrate the new year, we’re giving away a free magazine subscription to the best comment we get in this post!  We want to know how you found Wetpixel.com, how you use our resources, and what you get out of it.  Also, please introduce yourself! Leave a single comment here for your chance to win a free subscription.

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Sea Hunt 50th anniversary podcast at Underwater Videographer Photo

Sea Hunt 50th anniversary podcast at Underwater Videographer

To “re-live the memories of yesteryear” and commemorate the 50th anniversary of Sea Hunt, a popular American television series that ran from 1958 to 1961, Underwater Videographer Podcast decided to interview those close to the show and actor Lloyd Bridges.

Show #9: Sea Hunt’s 50th Anniversary is a forty-minute podcast featuring conversations with Eric Hanauer, a Wetpixel member and professional writer and underwater photographer who was the last to interview Lloyd Bridges before his passing, actress Susan Silo, a guest star on the show, and even Jeff Bridges, who shares anecdotal memories of his father and the show. Sea Hunt was said to inspire a generation to begin diving, and interviewer Marshall Karp shares more of the backstory behind the podcast in the forums…

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Japan postpones hunting of humpback whales Photo

Japan postpones hunting of humpback whales

After considerable pressure and the threat of a formal protest by the Australian government (with support from the US, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand), Japanese officials have announced that plans to hunt humpback whales have been postponed. Japan sets a hunting quota of more than 1,000 whales yearly despite international agreements protecting the various species, and while humpbacks are safe for now, the Japanese whaling fleet remains in the Antarctic.

Iceland and Norway have also continued to lead the push to hunt whales for “scientific purposes.” Drew Wong asks in the forums if this latest move by Japan is a “token gesture or another stepping stone [towards expanded whale conservation]?

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DiveFilm HD Podcast makes “Best of 2007 Podcasts” list Photo

DiveFilm HD Podcast makes “Best of 2007 Podcasts” list

iTunes announced its “Best of 2007 Podcasts,” and DiveFilm High Definition Podcast Video has been named in the Best of 2007 Podcasts, “Classic Video” list.  The only diving-related podcast to make the iTunes “Best of 2007” list, DiveFilm Podcasts have been featured at iTunes since their launch in December of 2005, shortly after the first video-capable iPods were introduced.  The podcasts are now available in two versions, the original DiveFilm Podcast Video and DiveFilm High Definition Podcast Video for computers and HDTV…

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Book Review: Sea of Cortez Marine Invertebrates, 2nd Edition Photo

Book Review: Sea of Cortez Marine Invertebrates, 2nd Edition

Marine life guides are the Rodney Dangerfields of underwater books.  Nobody reads them cover to cover.  Nobody proudly displays them on their coffee table.  Instead of dramatic head-on or ¾ front views, the photographs inside are prosaic side views for identification purposes. Yet in the bookshelves of live-aboard boats, their dilapidated, dog-eared appearance attests to heavy use by the divers on board.  For serious divers, they are an essential reference and an indispensable facet of our diving experience.

Marine biologist Hans Bertsch recently updated Alex Kerstitch’s classic Sea of Cortez Marine Invertebrates.

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Yeang Chng in American Photo 2007 Images of the Year Photo

Yeang Chng in American Photo 2007 Images of the Year

A photograph taken by Wetpixel member Yeang Chng (Ychng) was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Nature Category of the American Photo 2007 Images of the Year Competition. The gallery event to unveil the winners was held in New York, and out of over 30 images printed and exhibited, Chng’s was the only underwater image on display.

There were many well-known photographers represented in the awards, including Annie Leibovitz, Patrick Demarchelier, Michael Grecco, Vincent LaForet, and Lauren Greenfield. The winning images are featured online and in the January/February 2008 issue of American Photo. Continue reading to see Chng’s photograph on display at the gallery event…

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NCUPS SEA 2007 contest winners announced Photo

NCUPS SEA 2007 contest winners announced

The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society has (NCUPS) has announced the winners of the SEA 2007 international underwater photo competition. The Best of Show and winner of the Bob Commer Award of Excellence was taken by ‘Sea’s Candies,’ by Patti Baugh, a creative composite image of nudibranchs as candied treats.

Among the excellent entries are a number of familiar Wetpixel users - be sure to view the winning photographs and videos and discuss the results in the forums. Good luck in next year’s competition!

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Manta Fest 2008 in Yap, Micronesia Photo

Manta Fest 2008 in Yap, Micronesia

Join photo pro Eric Cheng and video pro Mike Veitch at Manta Fest 2008 in Yap, Micronesia, for 15 days this coming September 3-17, 2008!

Obviously, Yap is known for its manta ray activity, and it is certainly the mantas that we will be primarily diving for. But Yap also features healthy reefs, and you should also expect to see mating mandarinfish, anemones/anemonefish, nudibranches, lionfish, cardinalfish, anthias by the thousands, and more!

The Manta Fest dive package includes 14 nights’ accommodation and 11 dive days, but packages of any length are available, with flexible dates.

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Christian Skauge Norweigian Champion in underwater photography Photo

Christian Skauge Norweigian Champion in underwater photography

Last month, Wetpixel member Christian Skauge (ScubaSapiens) claimed the title as the 2007 Norwegian Champion in digital underwater photography. The send-in competition was hosted by the Norwegian Diving Federation and Skauge won his second championship, after becoming the first ever digital champion in 2005, by taking away three gold and two silver medals in the five competition categories.

In his fifth year of photography, he is currently using a Nikon D200 in a Nexus housing with two Inon Z-240 strobes. The pictures taken for the competition were taken at the west coast and northern areas of Norway. Visit Skauge’s website to view the winning images.

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