Gates announces EM43 high-resolution color monitor Photo

Gates announces EM43 high-resolution color monitor

Gates Underwater Products has released the new EM43 external color monitor, a 4.3” HD-ready LCD for use with Gates housings.

The unit is rated to a depth of 450 feet, has a two-year warranty, and runs on 8AA batteries for up to 14 hours. It currently supports HD 1080i/720p resolution for new Gates housings (and SD for all current housings, with the possibility of a retrofit). Pricing information should become available soon.

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Marin County Fair underwater photography competition Photo

Marin County Fair underwater photography competition

Celebrating this year’s theme of “Aquatic Adventures,” the 2007 Marin County Fair (located in San Rafael, CA) has announced an underwater photography competition. Only images taken along the California coastline are eligible for the separate print and digital categories, and the deadline for entry forms is May 17, 2007 (with the actual entries due June 14).

The Best of Show in each category will receive $200 and a rosette, and first place earns $100. This 62nd anniversary of the fair also features land-based photography categories and a variety of other contests and competitions, and will be held from June 30 - July 4, 2007.

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Wetpixel Embedded Photo of the Week Website Contest Photo

Wetpixel Embedded Photo of the Week Website Contest

Embed the Wetpixel Photo of the Week into your website and win a brand-new 20th Anniversary Citizen Aqualand Eco-Drive dive watch!  To enter, all you need to do is embed the Wetpixel Photo of the Week into your personal or commercial website.  The process takes only minutes, but the trick will be to do in a way that both features the photo prominently and integrates it seamlessly into the look of your site.  Judges will take a look at submitted webpages and select the one that has integrated the POTW most effectively.  Deadline is May 18, 2007.

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RSMAS 2007 Underwater Photography Contest Photo

RSMAS 2007 Underwater Photography Contest

The RSMAS (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science) is running a photo contest with dive travel and cash prizes with a deadline for submission of May 7, 2007.

Only amateur photographers can enter (defined as those who make less than 20% of their income through photography), and no photos that have been accepted for publication will be accepted. Many Wetpixel members placed in last year’s competition. You can submit up to three entries in each category (Wide Angle, Macro, Portrait), and entry is free.

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NWP Landscape & Seascape photo contest

The Nature, Wildlife and Pet Photography Forum (NWP) is hosting a series of themed, monthly photo contests (Landscape & Seascape, Wildlife, and Pets).  There is no fee for submission, and winners receive a website design by Chanthee Keokhaw.  The current contest is “Landscape & Seascape”, so click on over and submit all those amazing underwater reefscape images you’ve been hiding!

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Layang Layang Underwater Photo Challenge 2007 Photo

Layang Layang Underwater Photo Challenge 2007

Following the successful event last year, the Layang Layang Island Resort and Asian Diver are hosting the second Layang Layang Underwater Photo Challenge from July 17-23, 2007 in Layang Layang, Malaysia.

The one-week event package includes twelve boat dives, meals, accommodation, and the chance to enter your photos in the competition for a chance to win nearly USD$30,000 worth of trips and prizes from Nautica, Oceanic, Nikon, and more. Judging will be performed by underwater photographers Junji Takasago, Stephen Wong, Dr Kurt Svrcula, and Wetpixel moderator Mike Veitch.

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X-Ray Magazine #16 is available for download Photo

X-Ray Magazine #16 is available for download

X-Ray, an excellent (and free) online magazine oriented towards diving and underwater photography, has just announced the availability of issue #16, which includes articles on the Visayas in the Philippines, the Ambon Islands in Indonesia, Wolfgang Leander’s efforts to increase shark protections, and an interview with ‘Sharkwater’ creator Rob Stewart. Also featured are discussions of antioxidants for the diver, rebreathers, and more.

At 105 pages, this is X-Ray’s largest issue yet. The magazine is published bimonthly.

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Solomon Islands relief effort Photo

Solomon Islands relief effort

On April 3, an earthquake measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale and ensuing tsunami damaged much of the Gizo Province of the Solomon Islands and killed at least 34 individuals. So far, UNICEF and the Red Cross organizations of the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Australia have responded, but all mention a lack of fresh water and the threat of disease.

UNICEF is reporting that USD$500,000 in funding is needed to assist the nearly 50,000 affected people in the area. Nearly 30,000 of this population are children. Donations can be made directly to the UNICEF relief effort.

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Whaling and whale watching go head to head Photo

Whaling and whale watching go head to head

After seeing the front page posting for Dominica’s Dive Fest 2007, Wetpixel member Mauricio Handler (handlerphoto) was concerned that the country had voted in favor of whaling interests at the previous International Whaling Commission meeting:

It seems that Dominica has sold its soul to the Japanese, allowing them to resume whaling in their territorial waters. If not immediately, soon. All this while promoting whale watching and eco-tourism in US dive trade shows.

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