Review of UK-Germany UK-D-E300 housing for Olympus E-300 Photo

Review of UK-Germany UK-D-E300 housing for Olympus E-300

Recently, Karin Brussaard drafted an overview of the Olympus E-300 used in conjunction with UK-Germany’s UK-D-E300.

Explaining that the housing is compact and therefore “pleasant to work with” (not to mention travel with), Brussard walks readers through the operating buttons, the viewfinder, the lens system, and more. Although Brussaard reckons the small viewfinder and the high price may keep some users away, she concludes that the operating buttons and the compact nature of the housing will appeal to many others.

Want to stick with the manufacturer? Olympus makes its own housing, the PT-E01.

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Light & Motion Titan D200 preview Photo

Light & Motion Titan D200 preview

Wetpixel sponsor Backscatter was able to obtain a sneak peek of the upcoming Light & Motion Titan D200.

The housing features adjustable grips, magnetic command dials, an optional magnified viewfinder, sealed and user-replaceable electronics, and the return of the much-loved ROC strobe control allowing independent adjustment of strobe power.

Light & Motion is scheduled to unveil the housing this week at DEMA, but if you can’t wait that long, check out the image-intensive preview...

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DEMA 2006 video products preview Photo

DEMA 2006 video products preview

With DEMA just next week, many manufacturers are preparing new video housings to be announced at the show. Wetpixel gives you a sneak preview of what is coming in housings and accessories before DEMA.

We will be covering DEMA “live” with updates straight from the convention center in Orlando. This year’s DEMA promises to be a great one for HD shooters, with a plethora of new housings to fit new cameras and some very useful accessories as well.

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Report predicts collapse of fish and seafood species by 2048 Photo

Report predicts collapse of fish and seafood species by 2048

A new report by American and Canadian researchers published in the journal Science predicts the loss of all fish and seafood species by 2048. The data collected strengthens the link between protection being granted to ocean areas and the recovery of fish species:

Experiments performed in small, relatively contained ecosystems show that reductions in diversity tend to bring reductions in the size and robustness of local fish stocks. This implies that loss of biodiversity is driving the declines in fish stocks seen in the large-scale studies.

Data from areas where fishing has been banned or heavily restricted show that protection brings back biodiversity within the zone, and restores populations of fish just outside.

It is never too late to try to change the current policies on (over)fishing. Respond to the news and propose solutions in the forums...

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UWP Magazine 33 Available

Underwater Photography Magazine Issue 33 is available to download for free. This issue contains amazing images of swimming elephants taken by famous wildlife photographer Steve Bloom, who is also interviewed on his first experiences of underwater photography. The issue also contains review, technique, location, equipment and marine life articles by Peter Rowlands, Mark Webster, Michael Aw, Tim Rock and me (Alex Mustard). The magazine also features the latest news and new products in the world of underwater photography.

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Antibes International Underwater Photo Festival 2006 Report Photo

Antibes International Underwater Photo Festival 2006 Report

Jason Heller of DivePhotoGuide.com had the opportunity to travel to Antibes, France for the 2006 Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-Marine (World Festival of Underwater Pictures).

Between promoting the upcoming joint DivePhotoGuide.com and Wetpixel Our World Underwater Competitions and viewing the excellent photo and video submissions, Jason managed to provide coverage of each day of the festival, including the gala awards ceremony for the winning entries.

Continue to Jason’s report for an in-depth look at the event, and be sure to discuss the results and congratulate some of the winners in the ongoing Antibes discussion in the forums…

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Ocean Realm Society spearheads anti-shark product campaign

The Ocean Realm Society will lead an email campaign opposing the business practice of the online trader Alibaba.com allowing the posting of shark parts wanted for purchase.

Alibaba.com, a China based company, lists 335 companies selling 169 shark related products online globally. This adds to the already very stressed shark population as demand rises. 

Please help by lending your support to the cause. You can find out more here.

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Hugyfot Nikon D200 housing review Photo

Hugyfot Nikon D200 housing review

Wetpixel member Udo van Dongen has written an excellent review of Hugyfot’s new housing for the Nikon D200.

In addition to some great shots of the “sexy” housing, Udo walks readers carefully through the compact housing’s functions, its ergonomics and handling, its 45° viewfinder, and more - then delivers his final verdict. Despite a few shortcomings associated with the housing, Udo claims he’s “very happy” with it.

Also, be sure to check out the small but stunning photo set that accompanies his review.

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Canopus EDIUS Pro 4 Review Photo

Canopus EDIUS Pro 4 Review

Wetpixel video moderator Paul Wags (wagsy) has written a review of his impressions of Canopus’ EDIUS Pro 4. EDIUS is a Windows PC-based nonlinear video editing program that can edit both DV and HDV.

The main reason for switching [from Premiere Pro and Aspect HD] is that I can do realtime-on-the-fly conversion to the Canopus HQ codec, and the keyframeable color correction and slow-motion in real-time is perfect for our underwater footage.

Continue reading for Paul’s review of the EDIUS software package… 

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Apple releases Core2Duo MacBook Pro Laptops Photo

Apple releases Core2Duo MacBook Pro Laptops

Apple announced the new Macbook Pro laptops with Intel Core 2 Duo chips at 2.16GHz and 2.33GHz.

The Core 2 Duo chips have 4MB Level 2 cache vs 2MB of the older Core Duo. It also uses less power as well as being a smaller 65 nanometer chip. It is not the upgrade many had hoped with the 800mhz front side bus, nor is there an upgrade on the graphics card, which is still the X1600 256MB. Still it does promise to be a significant upgrade from the Powerbook G4.

Further good news is that Apple brought back the FW800 slot for the 15” laptop, which allows for faster external drive connections that are bus powered. The new laptops are available for immediate delivery.

Did you expect more from Apple? Discuss it in the forums!

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