Amphibico announces Phenom Z7LE housing for Sony HVR-Z7U Photo

Amphibico announces Phenom Z7LE housing for Sony HVR-Z7U

Amphibico is proud to announce the new Phenom Z7LE underwater video housing for the Sony HVR-Z7U HDV camcorder.  The stand-alone housing with no port will be introduced at a price of $4795CAN.  Three port options are available, including a standard dome, flat port, and 94° wide-angle port.

The Phenom Z7LE for the Sony HVR-Z7U is an electronic and mechanical combined housing which gives a complete control of your camcorder while filming your underwater scenes. Amphibico has also added a 2-year Amphibico warranty to the housing. The housing should be available in July 2008. Continue reading for full press release.

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Queensland, Australia considers creating a dedicated shark fishery Photo

Queensland, Australia considers creating a dedicated shark fishery

We are shocked that the Queensland, Australia Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (DPI&F) is creating a dedicated shark fishery at a time when shark populations worldwide face unprecedented fishing pressure and many have been drastically reduced.

Although the DPI&F’s measures intend to bring sustainability to shark fishing, they appear to be driven by short-term financial gain. Instead, the establishment of shark fisheries will deplete shark populations and produce negative impacts to the Great Barrier Reef ecosystem. Short term economic interest of a small number of fishermen should not be placed above one of Australia’s – and the world’s - most precious resources: sharks and the Great Barrier Reef.

If you are against Australia’s actions, please take the time to sign these two petitions: [Shark Savers] [Australian Marine Conservation Society]

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Oceanic white-tip shark expedition trip report Photo

Oceanic white-tip shark expedition trip report

I’m told often by folks who have been on the ocean for decades that that oceanic white-tip sharks (Carcharhinus longimanus) were once one of the most common sharks in the ocean… We pulled up close to Cat Island in the late afternoon on the 30th, and a few minutes later, the back deck erupted into frantic activity. Everyone threw on their gear and launched themselves off the back of the boat. At the stern were three oceanic white-tip sharks (all female). One of the sharks had four pilotfish around her… (continue reading for full trip report)

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Scubapix job opening in Cairns, Australia Photo

Scubapix job opening in Cairns, Australia

Peter Mooney at Scubapix Underwater Imaging is looking for an experienced person to look after the day-to-day affairs of their tourism-based imaging department in Cairns, Australia.

The ideal candidate will be a self motivated fully certified UW photo & video nut. Getting wet and shooting images everyday is a core part of this role. Your hands on enthusiasm will be rewarded - get the things done and spoils will come!

If you or someone you know might be interested in the position, continue reading for the full job description!

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David Doubilet’s nudibranch shots in National Geographic Photo

David Doubilet’s nudibranch shots in National Geographic

National Geographic has posted an online gallery of nudibranch images taken by underwater photography legend, David Doubilet. Some of the nudibranches were placed on an underwater light table of sorts and photographed on completely-white backgrounds (they’re beautiful).

As with every event that involves man intersecting with wilderness, Doubilet’s photos have sparked controversy in the Wetpixel forums; head over there and tell us what you think!

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X-RAY MAG issue #23 is out Photo

X-RAY MAG issue #23 is out

In X-RAY MAG issue #23, Mark Webster takes us on a tour through the fascinating underwater world off Cornwall, England. We talk with Pascal Bernabé for insights into his achievements in deep diving. Science editor, Michael Symes, investigates locomotion of sea creatures, and we look at Hammerhead sharks and their unique head shape. Harald Apelt brings us to another pearl in the Mediterranean—beautiful, historic Croatia. Kurt Amsler discusses proper workflow in digital photography. Rebreather pro, Cedric Verdier, gets us up to speed on physical fitness for divers and DIR for rebreather divers. Cindy Ross discusses sunscreen and gives us the skinny on sunrays and skin cancer. We meet the Bubbling Reefs of Denmark, and a diverse portfolio of ocean art from artists around the world tops it all off (and more). download it for free!

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Save Our Seas Shark Centre (SOSSC) opens in Kalk Bay, South Africa

On May 15th, the Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) opened the doors of its new Save Our Seas Shark Centre (SOSSC) in Kalk Bay, South Africa, a well-known great white shark hotspot of the world. Chris Clarke, Executive Director of the Foundation says: “The new SOSSC cements our commitment to make a meaningful contribution toward shark conservation in southern Africa. By becoming a Centre open to the general public it will be a visible reminder of the importance of sharks in our ecosystem and the integral role they play in the health of our oceans.”

The SOSSC will promote the protection and conservation of sharks worldwide by developing scientific research projects, and global education and awareness projects that target the general public, fishers, and in particular, children. Continue reading for full press release, and drop in for a visit if you’re close to Kalk Bay!

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Myanmar Cyclone Nargis appeal for relief, assistance Photo

Myanmar Cyclone Nargis appeal for relief, assistance

Cyclone Nargis hit the country of Myanmar on May 3, 2008, leaving massive devastation along the southern coastal areas of Myanmar and affecting millions. While the official number is just above 30,000, officials fear that the death toll could exceed 100,000 people. The country is in desperate need of aid assistance, whether providing clean water and food, or shelter and clothing.

There are many aid organizations assisting now: a discussion thread has suggested the World Food Program and the Red Cross - please consider helping these displaced people!

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Orphan Works Act - proposed copyright law changes

There is some information in the forums about the Orphan Works Act, a revived copyright law bill that is on its way through US Congress at this very moment. Some folks are vehemently against this bill. Should you wish to support the fight against this bill, please start by educating yourself. Read the bill and related commentary (links are posted in the discussion) and then go here for editable form letters that allow you to send an e-mail protest in less than 2 minutes.

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Wetpixel community on Google Maps Photo

Wetpixel community on Google Maps

The Wetpixel community is nearing a new milestone of 10,000 members spread across the globe.  Finding other members has now been made much easier by allowing everyone to pinpoint their position on a Google Map. This map will not only show who lives nearby or near a travel destination, but will also give quick and easy access to member profile information.  The more people add their location on the map the better, so come on over to the Wetpixel Map area and show us where you are.

We expect to add more functionality to this new section in the future. Join the discussion to tell us about features you’d like to see.

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