Pentax Digital Fisheye Zoom Lens Photo

Pentax Digital Fisheye Zoom Lens

Pentax has today announced a 10-17mm digital fisheye zoom lens for their line of *ist cameras.  This lens is designed specifically for the sensor in the *ist camera, which has a 1.5x crop vs 35mm film.  Pentax has stated that this lens is for use exclusively with the *ist cameras, however Wetpixel users have noted that the lens is made by third party manufacturer Tokina.  So, there is hope that Tokina may release the lens for Nikon and Canon mount cameras in the future.

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Discounted tickets for Florida Dive Show

It’s not too late! For discounted tickets to the South Florida Dive Show, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) @ the South Florida Underwater Photographic Society [www].

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Mauricio Handler @ Florida Dive Show Photo

Mauricio Handler @ Florida Dive Show

Wetpixel Industry Member Mauricio Handler will be conducting two talks at the Florida Dive Show this weekend, which will take place between December 2-4 at the West Palm Beach County Convention Center:

Saturday, 4:15pm, Room A: “10 images and the stories behind them”
Mauricio will be highlighting some of the images made during and after his the years associated with National Geographic.

Sunday, 12:30pm, Room B: “Digital in Motion” 
Using high-end digital to create motion in large animals in particular great whites has been an ongoing project for Mauricio, who seldom works with shutter speeds above 1/15th of a second.

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Travelling may soon suck less

Be on the lookout for an announcement from the TSA this Friday, which may loosen the rules on objects allowed on airplanes in the States.  Underwater photography is both gear and travel-intensive, and allowing scissors and other small tools on board would definitely be a good thing (I’ve lost quite a few allen keys to the TSA…).

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Bahamas Shark Expedition, Dec 12-21, 2005

Due to last-minute cancellations, our good friends over at Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures are offering four, half-price spots for a Bahamas shark expedition this December 12-21, 2005.  I’ve been on three of these trips so far (2003, 2004, 2005), and they’re really fantastic.  A warning, though: you should be comfortable around sharks and expect rough conditions in winter Bahamian waters. Contact JASA and let them you know you’re a Wetpixel member, if you’re interested!

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Nikon D2x Hotshoe syndrome and fix Photo

Nikon D2x Hotshoe syndrome and fix

There have been some reports of a mysterious D2X syndrome whereby photos would inexplicably go missing.  Apparently it only happened underwater, and the situation was that an image would shoot, appear on the LCD, but never write to the CF card.  Wetpixel readers will have seen posts relating to the issue.

For Seacam users, there is an easy fix.  First, look at the hotshoe connector…

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PADI’s Digital Photography Course

PADI, the world’s largest training organization for divers, is set to launch its new PADI digital underwater photographer specialty in January 2006. The course is structured in two parts, with the first part concentrating on encouraging photographers by helping them achieve successful results quickly, and the second teaching techniques in more detail. Interestingly, new techniques made possible with digital cameras, such as filter photography, are taught from the outset. Encouragingly, this new speciality has been designed from new, and is not just a standard underwater photography course with digital bolted on afterwards.

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Rand McMeins Wins Turks and Caicos Stamp Contest Photo

Rand McMeins Wins Turks and Caicos Stamp Contest

Wetpixel Member Rand McMeins aka Randapex has taken first place in the Turks and Caicos Stamp Contest.  Rand’s photo and biography will be posted in the local Turks and Caicos newspaper and his photo of a rough-head blenny will appear on a T&C postage stamp.  Winning photos have not yet been posted on the contest website, but Rand has sent us a copy of the winning entry.

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Brazilian Underwater Photography Championship Results Photo

Brazilian Underwater Photography Championship Results

The CNVFS (National Confederation of Underwater Photograph and Video) has just posted the winners of the Brazilian Underwater Photography Championship that took place from November, 11 through 14 in the city of Cabo Frio / Rio de Janeiro. 

Currently the Championship is the only opportunity for Brazilian photographers to join the Brazilian Team that represents the country in the CMAS World Championships (Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques). Three Wetpixel members were among the TOP 5…

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