Nature’s Best 2008 winners announced: Wetpixel members take Oceans Photo

Nature’s Best 2008 winners announced: Wetpixel members take Oceans

Congratulations to Wetpixel members Bruce Yates, Alex Connah, Thomas Peschak and Gary Brennand for winning and taking honorable mentions in this year’s Nature’s Best Magazine‘s Windland Smith Rice International photo contest! Bruce won the Oceans divisions with his wonderful image of a lemon shark at the surface in the Bahamas. Gary took honorable mention with a close-up shot of a Napolean wrasse.

Selected Nature’s Best winners will be shown in an exhibition at the Smithsonian starting this coming November. The full list of winners can be found in the discussion topic where this news was broken; we haven’t been able to find them on the Nature’s Best website yet.

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Wetpixel gets new RSS links Photo

Wetpixel gets new RSS links

Hello, readers! Wetpixel has changed all of our active RSS feed URLs. If any of you out there read Wetpixel via RSS feeds, please update your URLs. We cannot guarantee the old ones will continue to work (although they probably will).

Feeds: [RSS News Feed] [Atom News Feed] [POTW Feed] [Forum Feed]

If you don’t know what RSS is, you’re missing out on one of the biggest time-savers out there. For more information on RSS, check out this brief summary and watch this 3 minute YouTube video that explains RSS in plain english.

A lot of people are fans of Google Reader, but I am a big fan of NewsGator RSS readers, which let you read news using native applications for Windows, Mac, Blackberries, iPhones, the web, and more. It keeps your read / unread articles organized and synchronized across all platforms so you don’t have to read anything twice.

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Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 4: Camera, Housing, Water Photo

Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 4: Camera, Housing, Water

Dunking an empty housing wasn’t much of a gamble, but adding a camera to the housing instantly created a variant of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” which I call “Camera, Housing, Water”. Camera is okay with housing, housing is okay with water, but camera is not okay with water. Or maybe it’s more like that puzzle where the farmer needs to get grain, a chicken, and a fox across a bridge, and can only carry two at a time. (Can’t leave the fox and chicken alone, nor the chicken and grain.)

The goal, regardless of the combination, is to keep water away from the camera. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, scissors beats paper, water beats camera…

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Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide relaunch UnderwaterCompetition.com Photo

Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide relaunch UnderwaterCompetition.com

Wetpixel & DivePhotoGuide are proud to announce the relaunch of our joint venture, UnderwaterCompetition.com, home of our series of international photo competitions, hosted collaboratively between our two popular underwater photo & video websites. In just 4 years, these competitions have become some of the most prestigious and widely supported international underwater photography & video competitions in the world. As our readers already know, the primary competitions are unique in the fact that they are held in association with two dive expos on opposite sides of the world simultaneously. Our World Underwater in Chicago, USA, and DEEP Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Not only did we give UnderwaterCompetition.com a facelift, including highlighting and ranking winning photographers, but we also automated the entire competition.  As a participant, you can now sign up for your own UnderwaterCompetition account, upload your submissions, and pay for your entries through this website.

We hope you enjoy the new website, which soft launched this week and will be open for registration and submission within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for the official call for entries!

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Final coverage from Photokina 2008: Seacam update Photo

Final coverage from Photokina 2008: Seacam update

In an addendum to our general Photokina 2008 coverage, we received word of the Seacam booth at the exhibit - a 35-sq-meter location displaying their new Seaflash 150 eTTL2-compatible strobes alongside the collection of Seacam housings, domes, and accessories.

Wetpixel friend Stephen Frink has posted additional photos from the exhibition - we’re personally looking forward to rumors of new products at DEMA…

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Ikelite announces Nikon D90 underwater housing Photo

Ikelite announces Nikon D90 underwater housing

Ikelite has posted details of their new underwater housing for the Nikon D90 digital SLR.

The polycarbonate housing, rated to 200ft (60m) features iTTL conversion circuitry for Ikelite’s DS strobes, providing “four 1/3-f/stop increment flash compensation” and “seven manual power settings in half-stop increments,” and offers access to all camera modes, including D-Movie and Live View.

The housing is currently available, and we expect to see it exhibited at DEMA. Visit Ikelite’s D90 housing product page for all the details…

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Stephen Frink speaks out about Snapper Ledge petition Photo

Stephen Frink speaks out about Snapper Ledge petition

Stephen Frink has posted a video about Snapper Ledge, which includes footage of the magnificent dive site in the Florida Keys. He talks about Snapper Ledge’s history, and pleads with you to sign the petition we’ve set up to support Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA) status for Snapper Ledge.

Since we created and posted the petition on September 10, we’ve collected 1600 signatures. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please head on over and sign it. It only takes 2 minutes, and your signature could mean the difference between preserving a special underwater ecosystem and letting it be destroyed.

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Marcio Lisa wins 2009 Raja Ampat Tourism Entry Tag Contest Photo

Marcio Lisa wins 2009 Raja Ampat Tourism Entry Tag Contest

Conservation International, in cooperation with the Coral Reef Alliance and Wetpixel.com, are pleased to announce the winning photo for the 2009 Raja Ampat entrance tag design contest. 

After three weeks of public voting, Marcio Lisa won first place in the 2009 Raja Ampat Tourism Entry Tag Contest with his dramatic silhouette of a manta ray. In second place was Marli Wakeling’s portrait of a squid, and in third, a split image of a small island with a school of fish beneath the surface of the water.

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Photokina: World of Imaging live coverage report Photo

Photokina: World of Imaging live coverage report

Sharon Rainis, of Fantasea Line, is live on the floor covering the Photokina: World of Imaging exhibition in Cologne, Germany and looking for new underwater products:

Every two years some 160,000 visitors from 140 countries attend Photokina to fact-find the entire range of products and services in modern image communication.

This year’s show is a special one for all underwater photographers and underwater photography manufacturers. Visitors to the 2008 Photokina Show will be treated to the first-ever “Underwater Imaging World at Photokina”...

Continue reading for news from the show - updated with final coverage and concluding remarks!

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Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 3: The Housing Crisis Photo

Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 3: The Housing Crisis

When thinking about any large purchase, I’ve a tendency to “buy the good one first” rather than buying a lesser version only to upgrade later. Regardless of the expense of the initial item, it’s increased by having bought a “gap version” in the interim.

In this case, rather than buy a lesser camera in a modest housing which would need to be upgraded later, I decided to spend what was necessary to match my needs. Ideally, my skills could grow into the abilities of the rig and the rig would not limit (within reason) what I could do. I didn’t want to “under-buy”, but over-buying didn’t make sense either. (By the way, never do a “cost-per-dive” analysis unless you dive A LOT.) I was gonna “go big” right from the start…

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