A Low Tech Solution for a High-Tech Problem Photo

A Low Tech Solution for a High-Tech Problem

Ever since I migrated to Canon from Nikon I have had a problem with one particular lens.  My 17-40 zoom is one of my most versatile focal lengths, but it has a series of concentric circles around the front of the lens as part of the design.  For a topside shooter, no worries.  But for an underwater photographer with a dome port, it is the four rings closest to the lens that causes the issue.  The paint is kind of shiny, and it reflects against the inside of the dome when pointing into the sun.  I was spending so much time Photoshop correcting the reflections, I figured there HAD to be a better way…

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An Intimate Look at the Florida Manatee Photo

An Intimate Look at the Florida Manatee

On Xmas Eve I posted a series called “Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Manatees”. Since then I’ve had the good fortune to encounter the wonderful creatures, again numerous times. It has been a good year for observing manatee just north of where I live, in Crystal River, Florida. Lots of short “cold snaps” have brought record numbers of manatee in to the springs of Crystal River.

Unfortunately my joy of seeing so many manatee and optimism about their future was tempered by two headlines in our two major newspapers last Saturday, January 21st…

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Kiribati to protect the Phoenix Islands Photo

Kiribati to protect the Phoenix Islands

The Pacific Island nation of Kiribati has distinguished itself on the global conservation map with the declaration that it is creating the third largest marine protected area in the world, conserving an archipelago of some of the planet’s most pristine coral reefs, the Phoenix Islands. Located near the equator in the Central Pacific between Hawaii and Fiji, the Phoenix Islands form an archipelago several hundred miles long. Conservation efforts in the region are supported by the New England Aquarium and Conservation International.

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Light & Motion Bluefin HD Review Photo

Light & Motion Bluefin HD Review

Shawn Heinrichs has posted an in-depth review of the Light & Motion Bluefin HD underwater housing for Sony FX1/Z1U HDV camcorders.

Excerpt: Frequently I am rushed to get my video gear ready to go because of a late arrival, changes in dive plan, change in weather/light conditions or just poor planning on my part (took a nap at the wrong time). In less than five minutes, I can attach the light system and external 2.5in monitor, remove/position the adjustable weights, mount my cam and install the tray, and have the system ready to go. This kind of dummy proofing has saved my butt more than a few times…

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Palau Digital Shootout 2006 Daily Webcast Photo

Palau Digital Shootout 2006 Daily Webcast

Splash into the world of underwater digital photography at the fifth annual underwater Digital Shootout, held this year in Palau. With daily dives and seminars with some of the world’s most knowledgeable underwater photographers, you’ll be sure to head home with your heads stuffed with new photographic techniques, for both above and below water. We are also hosting a photo contest with over $10,000 in prizes.

Continue reading for a (roughly) daily webcast, uploaded from the Palau Pacific Resort and Sam’s Tours! Also included is an update on the optional Yap extension (FINAL UPDATE COMPLETED: April 18, 2006)

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Houston - April 22nd Intro to UW Digital Workshop Photo

Houston - April 22nd Intro to UW Digital Workshop

On April 22 James Wiseman will teach the first HUPS workshop of 2006.  It will be geared toward new digital photographers or those considering moving up to a DSLR.  The presentation will run two hours with an additional hour of “hands on” demonstrations and Question & Answers.  Continue reading for details and directions.

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Light & Motion Sony HC1/A1 Bluefin Housing Review Photo

Light & Motion Sony HC1/A1 Bluefin Housing Review

Wetpixel user SomeAssembly has posted a review of the Light & Motion Bluefin housing for the Sony A1 HDV Camcorder, with sample video clips for you to download.

Excerpt: The decision to get the A1 instead of the HC1 was made purely to get access to manual white balance through the assignable button. Early in my decision making I decided I wanted the ease of use of a housing with primarily electronic controls. I ended up with the Bluefin because it had the feature set I was looking for…

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FREE Peter Scoones Talk in London

On Thursday 27th April a very special event is taking place in London, UK. The legendary underwater cameraman, Peter Scoones is giving a talk about his amazing portfolio of work from the oceans - and of course will be showing plenty of highlights. His footage has been seen by millions in classic BBC series such as Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Life On Earth. And better still this event is being put on by Ocean Optics and is totally FREE (although you do need to reserve your tickets ahead of time as space is limited). On a personal note I can clearly remember watching several of Peter Scoones’ films on the TV while I was a child and can honestly say that these were central influences in my own desire to dive and take photos underwater. This is a must see event.

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The New Posts button

One of the great things about going away on a trip with Eric is that you learn about all sorts of technological solutions to improve your life! But probably my favourite educational snippet from the recent Wetpixel Bahamas trip was learning about the New Posts button in the forums. This is an excellent tool for regular visitors to the site as it allows you to quickly view all the discussion threads that have been updated since your last visit. You probably all knew about this feature already, but for those that don’t it is well worth checking out. It has been saving me loads of time.

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