Reef Photo & Video seeks salesperson Photo

Reef Photo & Video seeks salesperson

Our sponsor and friends at Reef Photo & Video are looking for a new salesperson! Reef Photo & Video employees are encouraged to make use of the large selection of equipment to develop their expertise, and the company allows for flexible scheduling and many local diving opportunities in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Continue reading for full job details…

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Woody Mayhew places in NatureScapes 2007 Images of the Year Photo

Woody Mayhew places in NatureScapes 2007 Images of the Year

Wetpixel member Woody Mayhew, of Nexus America, has won the Wildlife Category of the NatureScapes.net 2007 Images of the Year awards with a photograph of Periclimenes tosaensis shrimp floating in an anemone. Woody says he has pursued underwater photography since 1977 - this image was taken with a Nikon D2x in none other than a Nexus housing.

Wetpixel members are well-represented in other media - Simon Buxton (Scuba_SI) had photographs featured as covers on the November issue of Asian Geographic and the December/January issue of Australasia Scuba Diver, and Tobias Friedrich (Tobias) had an article and images on the Dominican Republic published in the German dive magazine SeaStar. Head over to the Members in Media forum for more announcements…

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Are 25 new digital SLRs really necessary? Photo

Are 25 new digital SLRs really necessary?

After Digital Photography Review’s Phil Askey mentioned the introduction of a possible 25 digital SLRs at this year’s PMA 2008, Wetpixel associate editor Alex Mustard started a discussion asking if it is really necessary for housing manufacturers to attempt to support each and every new model of camera. Alex says:

While I love my Subal housings, I would be the first to admit that my Subal D2X does not have the attention to detail of a Subal F5 housing. It was also a damn sight more expensive. Of course it works and the ergonomics are perfectly acceptable, but I miss those good ol’ days!...Maybe if we did not demand a housing for every DSLR we would have cheaper, better housings.

Do you think the rush to produce the first housings (and small amounts at that) for a camera is leading to a loss in quality and support? Should manufacturers only focus on the most popular cameras of each pricing level? Discuss in the forums...

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United Airlines announces new baggage policy Photo

United Airlines announces new baggage policy

Underwater photographer Norbert Wu has posted a sample letter for Wetpixel members to send to United Airlines regarding their recent baggage policy change, which limits checked baggage to a single 50 lb piece for those who have purchased standard domestic economy tickets, or two bags for an additional $25 service fee.

Excerpt: A few years ago, United (and other airlines) changed their baggage policy from three bags at 70 lbs, to two bags at 70 lb, and then to two bags at 50 lb. We divers and photographers lost the ability to ship 210 lbs of gear to 100 lbs of gear just like that…now United is trying to squeeze us even more. I urge all of you to write United Airlines to protest this. If they get away with this; other airlines will follow suit.

Take a moment to send a letter to United Airlines to encourage them to rollback this new policy…

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Angel Fitor authors ‘Tanganyika, Africa’s Inland Sea’ Photo

Angel Fitor authors ‘Tanganyika, Africa’s Inland Sea’

Wetpixel member Angel Fitor (Tide) is proud to announce the release of his new book, Tanganyika, Africa’s Inland Sea. Fitor calls Tanganyika, the longest African lake, “probably the most amazing and fascinating freshwater environment in the world. It is also an almost completely unseen underwater realm where evolution has produced one of the most striking fish assemblages on Earth.

At 192 pages, this hardcover coffee table book holds nearly 300 photographs of fighting cichlids, pygmy shell-dwelling fishes, and other colorful and distinct species, and can be shipped around the world. Visit Tanganyika, Africa’s Inland Sea for sample pages and more information…

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Scuba Diving Magazine 2008 photo contest Photo

Scuba Diving Magazine 2008 photo contest

The deadline for entry to the Scuba Diving Magazine 2008 Photo Contest is March 15, 2008. The Grand Prize for the best photograph overall is $1,000 cash and a liveaboard dive trip on the Komodo Dancer; other prizes include dive trips to Cozumel, Belize, and Bonaire, Apollo regulators, and Spare Air pony tank packages.

Winners from the competition are published in the July ‘Special Photo’ issue of Scuba Diving Magazine. Last year’s winners can also be seen online.

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Wetpixel Ultimate Indonesia Expeditions, Mar/Apr 2009 Photo

Wetpixel Ultimate Indonesia Expeditions, Mar/Apr 2009

Join Eric Cheng and Indonesia dive-guide extraordinaire Graham Abbott in two chartered expeditions to Indonesia designed especially for serious photographers. Instead of hopping around from dive site to dive site, we will take our time with a flexible itinerary designed to give us a lot of time at areas that are rockin’ with life.

EXPEDITION #1: Sorong, Halmahera, Ambon | March 7-22, 2009 (15 days)

2 spots left as of Feb 1, 2008

EXPEDITION #2: Ambon, Banda Sea, Maumere | March 25-April 9, 2009 (15 days)

9 spots left as of Feb 1, 2008

We’ll be aboard the Seven Seas, a fantastic luxury liveaboard vessel.  For more information, visit our Ultimate Indonesia info page.

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Tony Wu visits Loloata and Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea Photo

Tony Wu visits Loloata and Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea

After spending a month in Papua New Guinea, Wetpixel friend Tony Wu has posted an excellent trip report detailing his travels through Loloata and the Eastern Fields areas aboard the MV Golden Dawn. Despite inclement weather and a saddening rarity of shark sightings, Tony shares his knowledge of diving in the area, sprinkled with a few anecdotal stories and beautiful photography:

Anyone who knows me has probably heard me rant and rave about the Eastern Fields. It’s just awesome…The lack of pressure from people means that the reefs are truly pristine, and fish number in the gazillions. Visibility is almost always excellent, and you’ll not likely to run into anyone else out there. In all of human history, only a few hundred people have ever dived the Eastern Fields…

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Sea lions massacred in Galápagos Islands Photo

Sea lions massacred in Galápagos Islands

53 sea lions, among them 13 pups, 25 youngsters, nine males, and six females, were found massacred on Pinta island in the Galápagos Islands nature preserve. Park officials have stated that “each [animal] was killed by “a strong blow from someone”, though the motive is unknown.” The bodies of the sea lions were not mutilated, unlike an incident in 2001, when poachers killed 35 sea lions for their genitals and teeth.

With no natural predators on land, sea lions are unafraid of humans - is enough being done to protect them (and other species) in the Galápagos Islands?

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Nikon announces new D60 digital SLR and zoom, macro, tilt-shift lenses Photo

Nikon announces new D60 digital SLR and zoom, macro, tilt-shift lenses

On Monday, Nikon announced a new 10.2MP DX-format (1.5x-crop) digital camera, the D60, advertised as “Nikon’s smallest digital SLR.” The new camera can shoot at 3 frames per second and features an ‘Active Dust Reduction System,’ a 2.5” LCD, and media slots for SD memory cards. The D60 is expected to be available in March 2008.

Also announced were three new Nikon lenses  also to be available in March, the AF-S DX Nikkor 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 ED VR, the AF-S Micro 60mm f/2.8 ED, and the PC-E 24mm f/3.5D ED, with estimated selling prices of USD$650, $550, and $1930, respectively.

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