Wetpixel Quarterly Issue 1 is on sale! Photo

Wetpixel Quarterly Issue 1 is on sale!

Now’s your chance to get the first print issue of Wetpixel Quarterly for only $9.99 (a 38% savings)! WPQ #1 is what started it all, including a portfolio of Norbert Wu, winners of the 2007 OWU and DEEP Indonesia photo contests, and more.

We’ve also discounted what’s left of our 2009 T-shirts to $14.95 each (Mens S, and Ladies S and M). To see our t-shirt selection, click on over to the Wetpixel swag page and scroll to the bottom.

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Aquatica announces new Mini Dome 100 Photo

Aquatica announces new Mini Dome 100

The parade of the compact domes continues! Aquatica today announced the launch of their new four inch dome port, the Mini Dome 100 featuring BK-7 coated glass. The dome port is specifically designed for fisheye lenses such as the 10.5mm Nikkor, 10mm Sigma, and ever-versatile 10-17mm Tokina zoom. The Mini 100 joins Aquatica’s exisiting line of dome ports, including their 9.25 inch glass Mega Dome, 8 inch and 6 inch acrylic domes. Aquatica also announced that they will soon be manufacturing this port to fit other brands of housings as well.

The Aquatica Mini Dome 100 will offer optical anti reflection and scratch resistant coatings, and of particular interest to technical divers, is rated to 90m/300ft. The dome port will become available this spring, at a suggested retail cost of $699. Aquatica will have the Mini Dome 100 on display at their booth this weekend at the Beneath the Sea 2010 show.

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Adobe CS5 coming out April 12 Photo

Adobe CS5 coming out April 12

Adobe has announced the global launch of Creative Suite 5, which will be held on April 12. We’re particularly looking forward to two features: Photoshop CS5’s new “content-aware fill,” which looks like it will be ideal for removing backscatter, and Packager for Flash, a new product that will allow users to create iPhone and iPad applications from Flash.

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Sensational Seas Two DVD available for order Photo

Sensational Seas Two DVD available for order

Sensational Seas Two DVD is now available for pre-order ($19.95), and will begin shipping April 1st. 100% of proceeds benefit Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF).

“Narrators Stan Waterman and Anne Crawley escort you through a mysterious world brimming with novel, beautiful and unexpected visions. The underwater odyssey begins with an action-packed compilation of fish and critters swimming, scurrying, feeding, fighting, courting and just being their wonderfully exotic selves to the accompanying beat of Billy Preston. Then off you go on a grand tour of watery realms as far-flung as Antarctica, Australia, the Andaman Sea and Georgia Aquarium…”

Update: The Sensational Seas Two DVD will be available at the REEF booth (#220) at Beneath the Sea (New Jersey) this coming March 26-28, 2010. Many of the contributors will be signing DVDs at the booth, and a highlight reel will be shown at the Saturday evening film festival.

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Adobe Lightroom releases Lightroom 3 beta 2 Photo

Adobe Lightroom releases Lightroom 3 beta 2

Adobe Labs have made their new Lightroom 3 Beta 2 application available for immediate download. The new beta includes (over the previous beta) improved performance, native tethered shooting for certain Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras, luminance noise reduction (in addition to color noise reduction), video import and management support, a new import experience, and more. Video import and management is huge because it puts at ease those folks threatening to switch from Lightroom to Aperture 3.

Julieanne Kost, whom some of you may know from early Digital Shootouts, is featured in a video that shows off new features in Lightroom 3 Beta 2.

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Adobe’s new Lightroom 3 beta may support video Photo

Adobe’s new Lightroom 3 beta may support video

DPReview and other sites leaked news this morning that Adobe’s upcoming Lightroom 3 beta update may include support for importing and managing video files. The exact announcement text, which was captured and posted on other forums, was:

“Adobe has opened the second public beta of its Photoshop Lightroom 3 software for immediate download from its Adobe Labs site. Lightroom 3 will be based around a new processing engine and the second iteration adds luminance noise reduction to the color noise reduction options that appeared in the initial beta. The latest beta also supports tethered shooting for a number of Nikon and Canon DSLRs, enables importing and management of video files and improves overall functioning of the software.”

Watch out, Aperture—Lightroom 3 may support video!

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Wetpixel at Beneath the Sea 2010 Photo

Wetpixel at Beneath the Sea 2010

Good news! Wetpixel is going to Beneath the Sea 2010, which will be held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, from March 26- 28. We’ll be in booth 109, and will be showing off our magazine and t-shirts while we cover the show.

Editors Eric Cheng and Elijah Woolery will be on the floor, as will moderator Abi Smigel and volunteers Tony Granata, Drew Wohl and Sandrah Gurash.

We’ve got a few extra exhibits-only passes for BTS this year. If you’re interested, follow @wetpixel on Twitter and send us a message with a request!

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Canon finally releases EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro Photo

Canon finally releases EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro

It’s Canon SLR video day! After totally botching the first announcement on February 8, Canon have finally made available the EOS Movie Plugin-E1, which adds Canon SLR compatibility to Log & Transfer in Final Cut Pro. To download it, go to Canon’s download page and select “Mac OS X” as your operating system, and download the file, ce1100x.dmg.zip.

Underwater video expert Mary Lynn Price writes, have learned that the plugin seems to work great, with the caveat that it is necessary to keep all the thumbnails (the .THM files) in the DCIM folder, otherwise the clip missing the thumbnail file won’t show up in the Log & Transfer window.”

Early adopters: let us know how you fare with the plugin!

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