Live coverage from Our-World Underwater 2008 Photo

Live coverage from Our-World Underwater 2008

Jason Heller reports live from Our-World Underwater.

We presented the 1st place videos from the General and Conservation categories of the Wetpixel & DivePhotoGuide Competition last night. The five minute films by Mark Santa Maria (Conservation) and Michael Boom (General) were well received by the packed auditorium…

Winners of OWU 2008 will be announced later next week on underwatercompetition.com.

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Ikelite introduces Modular Port System with extension rings Photo

Ikelite introduces Modular Port System with extension rings

Supplementing the current port body combinations for their 8” dome, Ikelite has introduced a Modular Port System featuring a new flat port assembly and extension rings with and without focus controls.

With 0.75”, 1.25”, and 1.75” extension ring lengths, this new system will allow individuals to experiment with add-on diopters or teleconverters without ordering a custom port. This modular arrangement has been common for many other housing manufacturers, and we know that Ikelite users are excited at the possibilities.

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Deadline for DEEP Indonesia 2008 competition Photo

Deadline for DEEP Indonesia 2008 competition

Photographers and videographers!  Remember to get your submissions into the DEEP Indonesia 2008 International Photo Competition before 11:59pm (PST) on February 15, 2008 (tomorrow)! With over USD $30,000 in prizes, winners can receive liveaboard dive packages to Papua New Guinea, Bali, Raja Ampat, and Fak Fak, Indonesia, the Bahamas, and more destinations, and a variety of dive and photo gear. 

The winning images will be presented online, published by media partners worldwide, and exhibited during the DEEP Indonesia Expo in Jakarta, Indonesia from March 28-30, 2008. Entry forms and detailed guidelines can be found at underwatercompetition.com. Good luck!

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Checked baggage and carry-on packing strategies Photo

Checked baggage and carry-on packing strategies

Unfortunately, airlines are becoming more and more stringent with their baggage restrictions. With the concerns for safety during travel and the possibility of delays, Wetpixel’s Eric Cheng decided to prioritize his packing to ensure a basic Seacam setup could be carried on, and found he could make it work with a combination of discreet camera bags. Members are adding their own experiences - discuss in the forums how you guarantee your setup makes it through the airport and to the destination!

Eric has also posted photos of the new Seacam 1D/1Ds Mark III underwater housing, which should be of interest to any users looking to upgrade or invest in the new system. The housing looks to be constructed with the attention to detail we’ve come to expect from the Seacam lineup. Eric says, “It feels just like the Mark II housing. Everything is right under my fingertips—Harald did a great job in its design. The back is well-designed, and I can easily see the entire LCD.” Continue for all the photos...

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Underwater cinematographer Ralph B. White passes away Photo

Underwater cinematographer Ralph B. White passes away

Underwater cinematographer Ralph B. White, who documented the expedition that found the Wreck of the RMS Titanic, passed away on February 4, 2008 in Glendale, CA. A contract cameraman for more than 25 years with the National Geographic Society, he was involved with a number of underwater IMAX and motion-picture productions, including James Cameron’s film Titanic. Ralph is survived by a daughter Krista, son Randy, and by fiancé Rosaly Lopes.

Continue reading for a profile of Ralph’s achievements and successes. Please write to us with stories about Ralph you’d like to share, or leave a comment here…

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Sea & Sea releases 2008 catalog of dSLR housings Photo

Sea & Sea releases 2008 catalog of dSLR housings

Sea & Sea has published their 2008 catalog of digital SLR housings and accessories, which now includes new models (with MSRP pricing) for the Nikon D300 (MDX-D300) and D3/D3x (MDX-D3/D3x) and the Canon 40D (MDX-40D) and 1D/1Ds Mark III (MDX-Pro MKIII).

Also covered is Sea & Sea’s line of TTL converters, including those for the recently introduced YS-250 Pro, which are compatible with single or dual-strobe setups. See the catalog for all the details…

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Nocturnal Lights announces SLX Focus Light and Tray combo package Photo

Nocturnal Lights announces SLX Focus Light and Tray combo package

Nocturnal Lights is now offering an SLX Focus Light and Tray combo, designed to fit compact underwater camera housings. The SLX Focus Light features a 5500K, 3W three-LED beam with up to 15 hours of burn time, and the tray is compatible with underwater housings that have a female tripod thread on the bottom.

Do you have a specific focusing or dive light to recommend? Discuss your choices in the Lights, Strobes and Lighting Technique forum…

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Reef Photo & Video seeks salesperson Photo

Reef Photo & Video seeks salesperson

Our sponsor and friends at Reef Photo & Video are looking for a new salesperson! Reef Photo & Video employees are encouraged to make use of the large selection of equipment to develop their expertise, and the company allows for flexible scheduling and many local diving opportunities in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Continue reading for full job details…

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Woody Mayhew places in NatureScapes 2007 Images of the Year Photo

Woody Mayhew places in NatureScapes 2007 Images of the Year

Wetpixel member Woody Mayhew, of Nexus America, has won the Wildlife Category of the NatureScapes.net 2007 Images of the Year awards with a photograph of Periclimenes tosaensis shrimp floating in an anemone. Woody says he has pursued underwater photography since 1977 - this image was taken with a Nikon D2x in none other than a Nexus housing.

Wetpixel members are well-represented in other media - Simon Buxton (Scuba_SI) had photographs featured as covers on the November issue of Asian Geographic and the December/January issue of Australasia Scuba Diver, and Tobias Friedrich (Tobias) had an article and images on the Dominican Republic published in the German dive magazine SeaStar. Head over to the Members in Media forum for more announcements…

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Are 25 new digital SLRs really necessary? Photo

Are 25 new digital SLRs really necessary?

After Digital Photography Review’s Phil Askey mentioned the introduction of a possible 25 digital SLRs at this year’s PMA 2008, Wetpixel associate editor Alex Mustard started a discussion asking if it is really necessary for housing manufacturers to attempt to support each and every new model of camera. Alex says:

While I love my Subal housings, I would be the first to admit that my Subal D2X does not have the attention to detail of a Subal F5 housing. It was also a damn sight more expensive. Of course it works and the ergonomics are perfectly acceptable, but I miss those good ol’ days!...Maybe if we did not demand a housing for every DSLR we would have cheaper, better housings.

Do you think the rush to produce the first housings (and small amounts at that) for a camera is leading to a loss in quality and support? Should manufacturers only focus on the most popular cameras of each pricing level? Discuss in the forums...

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