Our World Underwater 2006 - Photos Photo

Our World Underwater 2006 - Photos

Terry Schuller, from Ultralight Control Systems (a Wetpixel sponsor),  was kind enough to send us some photos and information from last weekend’s Our-world Underwater Show in Chicago.  Of special interest was the debut of the Ikelite DS200 substrobe and 8” dome port for fisheye and wide-angle zoom lenses.  All of the usual suspects were on hand to display their products and provide information on new products.  Continue reading to see the photos and captions.

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Aquatica 5D Housing: First Impressions Photo

Aquatica 5D Housing: First Impressions

After Canon released its 5D, the least-expensive full-frame sensor DSLR, I was immediately intrigued.  I had seen the performance of other full-frame cameras while working on the Shear Water, and had been highly jealous of the Nikon users who had a 180 degree fisheye available for their cropped-sensor cameras. The unfortunate loss of some of my camera equipment (Canon 20D) put me in a position to upgrade, so I purchased a new 5D…

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Sport Diver’s Kona Classic 5 Photo

Sport Diver’s Kona Classic 5

Join Sport Diver’s editor Ty Sawyer, the PADI Diving Society and some of the world’s most famous underwater photographers for the Kona Classic.

As much an inspiring celebration of being a diver as photography competition, the week-long Kona Classic is unique because it celebrates the diving lifestyle and community. This renowned event gives underwater photographers and videographers opportunities to dive, shoot and learn with image-makers such as Eric Cheng, David Fleetham, Marty Snyderman and more.  Great prizes will be given away, and the winning images will be published in Sport Diver magazine…

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Layang Layang Underwater Photo Shootout 2006 Photo

Layang Layang Underwater Photo Shootout 2006

In conjunction with the resort’s 10th anniversary celebration, Layang-Layang announces date for its first International Underwater Photography Competition to celebrate the beauty and delicacy of its marine environment.

For this inaugural event, only digital entries will be accepted and photographers will compete from 25th – 31st July 2006 in two categories; Macro and Wide Angle. Renowned photographers, Junji Takasago, Rod Klein, William Tan and Stephen Wong will be judging the competition and the event is expected to attract participants from 8 different countries…

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SanDisk/Red Sea 2006 Underwater Photo Competition Photo

SanDisk/Red Sea 2006 Underwater Photo Competition

SanDisk Corp. and “Yam,” the Israeli diving magazine, have announced the opening of enrollments for the SanDisk/Red Sea 2006 Underwater Photo Competition, a shootout that will take place from April 24-29, 2006 at the Isrotel Ambassador hotel in Eilat, Israel.

The SanDisk 2006 Red Sea Underwater Photography Competition is open to both amateur and professional photographers, shooting with film or digital cameras. Selected categories are open to competitors from all over the world, whose photos can be shot at any time and from any location. Contestants can also send photographs in by mail.

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Bruce Yates, INON Artist of the Month Photo

Bruce Yates, INON Artist of the Month

Wetpixel member Bruce Yates (bmyates) is this month’s INON Featured Artist. 

I have been delighted with my dual Inon Z-220 strobes. Not only are they about half the size of other strobes I’ve used, but their performance has been consistent and superb. They provide excellent coverage (110 degrees with diffusers, 100 without), fast recycle times, and are easily adjusted manually (11 power settings).

Congratulations, Bruce!

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Alex Mustard’s Art of Diving Photo

Alex Mustard’s Art of Diving

Underwater photographer and Wetpixel co-administrator Alex Mustard has finally made public the release of his first book, The Art of Diving.

Alex writes: My first book, The Art Of Diving, has just been published. It is 272 pages long and contains 200 images, all mine except three that were taken by an “Eric Cheng”, who some of you may know. The book costs £20 and is just going on sale in the UK, with releases in other countries and languages planned for the rest of the year. It is a large format, soft back book (to keep the price down and hopefully make it sell well).

It is a book about scuba diving and is a collaboration with author Nick Hanna - who did the words (I did the colouring in). Hopefully both the images and the text provide a fresh look at diving in 2006. It features Giles “supermodel” Shaxted on the cover.

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UWP Issue 29 Available for Downloa Photo

UWP Issue 29 Available for Downloa

This month’s issue of Underwater Photography magazine is available for download from their website.  This month’s issue has a small piece about the Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide contest winners, as well as articles by Wetpixel’s own Keith Flood and Dr. Alex Mustard (and much more!).

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Beneath the Sea contest results Photo

Beneath the Sea contest results

Beneath the Sea has announced the winners of its 2006 photo contest.  Winners include Wetpixel members Rand McMeins, Linda Cline, Joe Belanger, and many more.  Congratulations!  Check the winning images at the Beneath the Sea web page.

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Review: IMAX DeepSea 3D Photo

Review: IMAX DeepSea 3D

On Wednesday night, Feb. 21,  my wife Hiro and I were fortunate to be invited to the World Premiere of Howard and Michele Hall’s newest, latest, and greatest underwater film - the IMAX 3d film by the name of… DEEPSEA 3D. The Premiere was held at the California Science Center IMAX theatre in downtown Los Angeles. All I can say is that when this film opens in the IMAX theatre near you… make a beeline to see it ASAP.

For those of you who are fans of the Hall’s previous underwater films, I can assure you that you will be bowled over by this beautiful underwater film as, in my opinion, this is their crowning achievement.

Shooting in the field for well over a year and in at least 8 different worldwide locations, this 40 minute spectacular features critters behaving in the most unusual ways…

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