Book Review: Underwater Photographer

This morning a copy of Martin Edge’s new book The Underwater Photographer dropped through my letterbox. The book will be officially released at the London International Dive Show (1/2 April 2006), but I believe that this is such an important book for underwater photographers that I wanted to write a review straight away. The Underwater Photographer is a third edition, but it has been so thoroughly revised to include digital techniques that it could have easily justified a new title. The late, great Jim Church said of second edition that it “set a standard that will only be surpassed when Martin writes a third edition”. Read our review to see if it lives up to this billing.

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Steve Douglas on underwater video Photo

Steve Douglas on underwater video

Underwater videographer Steve Douglas (who was also my original certifying instructor!) has an excellent, comprehensive article on underwater videography posted over at Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro website.  It’s a perfect first read for scuba divers and still photographers looking to shoot video underwater.

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INON announces flagship Z-240 strobe Photo

INON announces flagship Z-240 strobe

INON has announced a new flagship strobe, the Z-240.  It features INON’s trademark, compact body, an in-air guide number of 24 (about 20% more powerful than the Z-220), multiple flash modes (including S-TTL), 24-step external auto, and 13-step manual & Nikonos TTL for film camera support.  INON says that with common AA NiMH (2,700mAh) batteries, the flash will output 320 full flash dumps per charge.

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Nature’s Best/Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Photo

Nature’s Best/Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Let’s continue Wetpixel’s trend of having its members win competitions!  The deadlines for two of the most prestigious wildlife photography competitions in the world are just around the corner.  The Nature’s Best Competition has a postmark deadline of April 29th, 2006, and the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year closes on March 31, 2006.  This year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year accepts entry uploads and payment through their website, but be sure to allow for plenty of time to upload entry images and RAW files (which are required).

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Light & Motion Komodo Video Workshop 2006 Photo

Light & Motion Komodo Video Workshop 2006

Our friends at Light & Motion are running a video workshop aboard the Voyager, Kararu’s newest liveaboard dive boat.  Join underwater video experts Dan Baldocchi and Michael Topolovac on a trip to Komodo this August 24 - September 4th, 2006.  If you’re not already shooting HD, L&M will have a few Sony FX1 and HC1 HD cameras and housings on hand for you to try on board.

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BBSR Scientific Photography Course 2006 Photo

BBSR Scientific Photography Course 2006

Our friend, Dr. James Wood, is teaching a course on scientific photography at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR) this July 30 to August 19, 2006.  Why is the BBSR a good place to learn scientific photography?

As a mid-Atlantic island, Bermuda has many unique animals and plants. These include a critically endangered skink, an endemic species of killifish, a critically endangered endemic seabird as well as many introduced invasive species. Bermuda’s ecosystems include anchialine ponds, rocky shores with limestone formations, sea grass beds, mangrove forests, caves and coral reefs.  BBSR has been conducting field research for a hundred years. This course is taught in an environment where there is always a lot of interesting research going on.

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ScubaDiving Magazine 2006 Photo Contest Photo

ScubaDiving Magazine 2006 Photo Contest

Scuba Diving magazine has announced the winners of its 2006 photo contest.  Many Wetpixel members did great. Some that placed were Andy H (best in show!), John Gordon, Victor Zucker, Mary Lou Reid and more. The moderating team also did great, Luiz Rocha was first place on the macro category and Todd Mintz was second place on the people category, with his shot on the cover. Congratulations to all!  Winning images were not posted online yet, but are in the April issue of the ScubaDiving magazine.

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Video Seminar by Steve Fish on L&M’s website Photo

Video Seminar by Steve Fish on L&M’s website

Light & Motion has posted on their website part one of a video seminar by Steve Fish, which talks about wide angle lenses, depth of field, focus lock, filters, and white balance.  You can also sign up to be notified when part two of the seminar is posted.

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Boston Sea Rovers 52nd Clinic Report, 2006 Photo

Boston Sea Rovers 52nd Clinic Report, 2006

The Boston Sea Rovers hosted their 52nd Clinic on the weekend of Mar 4-5, 2006, again held at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel.  I stepped off of an airplane from Grand Cayman wearing far too little for Boston’s wind-chilled streets and waltzed into Friday evening’s invite-only party at Gamble Mansion, which is held annually for Sea Rover members and clinic speakers.  It’s a good thing I arrived late because I didn’t have a tie on and was afraid that I would violate dress code!  Even though I didn’t get to socialize for very long, I did stay long enough to see Berkley White (of Backscatter.com) wearing a suit and tie.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d see Berk in formal attire!  “But I’m wearing cut-offs underneath this,” he assured me…

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