Animals are being set up to succeed: Chris Palmer Photo

Animals are being set up to succeed: Chris Palmer

The Washington Post has reviewed and commented on Chris Palmer’s book; Shooting in the Wild. The article cites examples from the book, and from the wildlife film industry, wherein animal behavior has been manipulated to get the filmmakers desired outcome. It cites the proliferation of channels and communication media as causing much tighter deadlines, which in turn forces filmmakers to come up with footage in a much shorter time. Maggie Burnette Stogner, an environmental filmmaker who works with Palmer, says:

“When I first started at [National] Geographic, filmmakers were in the field for three years,” and goes on to say “Now it’s compressed to ‘Go out and get it in a month.’ Well, it doesn’t happen that way. The sharks don’t show up.”

The Post article also mentions the genre of “reality” nature programs, where the traditional documentary emphasis on animal behavior is replaced by showing a persons interaction with nature, and points out that this shift tends to give program makers more latitude about how they use animals. In many cases the animals being portrayed as wild are tame, and the human “hunting” activities are staged by pre-positioning the prey. Palmer feels that this should be pointed out to the audience, but as the article states:

“Who wants to watch a tame nature film?”

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Dr. Sylvia Earle calls for more Marine Protected Areas Photo

Dr. Sylvia Earle calls for more Marine Protected Areas

In a Time magazine special, Dr. Sylvia Earle has renewed her appeal for the establishment of more Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). She highlights the fact that while 12% of the earths land is protected in some way, this applies to less that 1% of the oceans. MPAs would serve as “sanctuaries for everything that swims”. She goes on to state her belief that we have treated the oceans as a “supermarket and a sewer” and that the change in the oceans chemistry due to climate change and acidification will have disastrous consequences.

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New housing Leak Detectors available Photo

New housing Leak Detectors available

Underwater Leak Detector has just expanded their range of housing leak detectors. These simple devices can now be fitted to a wide range of compact and DSLR housings, including models from Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony. The Leak Detector comprises a self-install kit, with a very bright flashing LED that will warn of leaking or excessive moisture in the housing and full installation instructions. (Via DivePhotoGuide.)

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Adobe launches Photoshop Elements 9 Photo

Adobe launches Photoshop Elements 9

At Photokina, Adobe has announced the release of Photoshop Elements 9, which incorporates some of the new features from its larger sibling, Photoshop CS5. These include an adaption of the content aware fill feature, that so excited underwater photographers as a solution to backscatter removal. Element 9 also incorporates layer masks for the first time in this package, and is available for Mac users.

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Panasonic announces GH2 micro 4/3 camera Photo

Panasonic announces GH2 micro 4/3 camera

Panasonic has announced the successor to it’s popular GH1 micro 4/3 camera: The GH2. The camera builds on the GH1’s ‘hybrid’ stills/video philosophy but adds a new sensor, with an 18Mp multi-aspect ratio offering 16Mp output and an ISO range of 160-12800. The camera offers HD video at 1080/60i (50i in PAL versions) and 1080/24p native at 24mbps. In addition, it offers variable frame rates for under or over cranking, fast AF and live view, with the later operating at 60 frames per second.

The GH2 will be compatible with the new Panasonic 3D interchangeable lens and is due to be available from early December.

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Gates add underwater monitor to DSLR Photo

Gates add underwater monitor to DSLR

Gates Underwater Products has announced that they can mount their EM43 external monitor to DSLR housings. The company has successfully attached the monitor to an Aquatica Canon 5DMkII housing and can now do so with other housing brands or models. Gates will require the housing and camera for one week and thereafter can advise feasibility, lead time and cost. This modification will further blur the boundary between video and still cameras, and will allow underwater filmmakers to view the video being captured at a reasonable size.

People planning to do so should be aware that it may void their manufacturers warranty, although Gates are at pains to stress that they will stand by the quality of their work.

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Hamptons Conservation & Wildlife Film Festival: 24-26 September Photo

Hamptons Conservation & Wildlife Film Festival: 24-26 September

The Conservation & Wildlife Film Festival has announced that the Hamptons Conservation & Wildlife Film Festival is scheduled at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor this weekend, September 24-26. An opening reception takes place on Friday evening from 6:00 with a cash bar, hors d’oeuvres, short films and an address by keynote speaker Fabien Cousteau. A portion of proceeds from the event will benefit Fabien’s new non-profit Plant A Fish.

Saturday and Sunday will feature over 50 film documentaries, representing over 20 countries and including over 15 world premiers. Tickets are now on sale online.

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2010 San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition Photo

2010 San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition

From the audience’s point of view, every San Diego Undersea Film exhibition (SDUFEX) gets better and better. From a film maker’s point of view, every one gets tougher and tougher. That was the case for the 11th annual San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition, held last Friday and Saturday, September 17 and 18 at Qualcomm Hall. This exhibition has taken on a life of its own, as film makers and attendees alike have highlighted it on their annual to-do lists.

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Official release of Nauticam NA-NEX5 housing Photo

Official release of Nauticam NA-NEX5 housing

Nauticam has officially released their NA-NEX5 housing at the Photokina exhibition today. The housing, for the Sony NEX-5 EVIL camera, has already created a great deal of interest due to its ability to use Nikonos lenses via an adapter. The housing also features: A port locking system, super sensitive shutter release and connectors for optical TTL strobes. In addition, the housing has styling designed to be reminiscent of the Nikonos system and the cameras LCD monitor can be angled to allow easier viewing.

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