Bent Christensen posts review of Nauticam viewfinder Photo

Bent Christensen posts review of Nauticam viewfinder

Bent Christensen has posted a guest review of the Nauticam viewfinder on the Nauticam USA blog. He outlines the procedure for attaching it to his Ikelite housing, and then compares its performance to that of the standard viewfinder.

“The Nauticam covers 100% of the picture, is far brighter, seems to be sharper, and it is possible to read the lcd-strip information at the bottom of the camera viewfinder.”

During his testing, and using it for super macro, he found that the viewfinder allowed him to see exactly where the focus point was.

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Entries open for NCUPS beach and boat competition Photo

Entries open for NCUPS beach and boat competition

Entries have opened for the North California Underwater Photographic Society’s (NCUPS) annual beach and boat photo/video competition. The 24 hour event will be held over 6-8 August 2010 at Monterey Bay, California. All entries must be taken during the competition period, and in Monterey Bay.

Other events scheduled over the weekend include a cocktail party, dinner and technique seminars. There will be an awards ceremony for the winning photos and videos on 8 August.

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Sony launches first interchangeable lens HD camcorder Photo

Sony launches first interchangeable lens HD camcorder

Sony has launched the first prosumer interchangeable lens HD camcorder, the NEX-VG10. In many ways, this is a development of their NEX series of cameras; in fact it uses the same 14.6MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor. The dedicated camcorder, however, is capable of recording full 1920 x 1080 HD video at 24mbps. Additionally, the NEX-VG10 features a “Quad Capsule Spatial Array Stereo Microphone” which uses advanced processing algorithms to combine signals from four individual microphone capsules to provide better channel separation.

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“Visions in the Sea”: halfway report Photo

“Visions in the Sea”: halfway report

“Visions in the Sea” has organized a series of underwater photographic events around the UK during the summer of 2010. The first three events have already taken place, the first at Capernwray Diving Center over 8/9 May, the second in Northumberland over 26/27 June, and the third in Cornwall over 3/4 July. Caroline Robertson-Brown, one of the event organizers has described the events purpose:

“The “Visions in the Sea” Summer Series was designed to get underwater photographers into UK waters to practice different types of photography, get tips from pros and peers, and to have fun diving some of the best sites and experiences the UK has to offer.”

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Image Wizards sale on AluminArte prints Photo

Image Wizards sale on AluminArte prints

Image Wizards, who prints photographs on aluminum for photographers, is having a sale (expires Friday August 15) in which you can get two 16” x 24” prints made for $199 (total — not $199 each), which includes framing with the options they offer. Both Eric Cheng and other Wetpixel members have used this service for prints.

I ordered a print myself to try their services out, and the image really “pops.” When I received my print, it was carefully packed with great care; the service was overall a good experience. I am gathering a couple more photos to have prints made.

If you decide to order from Image Wizards, speak to Susan or Amanda, as they are handling the discount…

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The Great White shark song Photo

The Great White shark song

Environmentalist Andy Brandy Casagrande wrote “the Great White Shark song” to raise awareness of great white shark conservation. He then decided the best way to promote it would be to sing it directly to one of the great whites whilst underwater.

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New book released: Man & Shark Photo

New book released: Man & Shark

On 22nd June at the Hong Kong book fair, co-authors Paul Hilton and Alex Hofford launched their book ‘Man & Shark.’

“From the beaches of Africa to the ports of the Middle East, a shark fin odyssey arrives back at ground zero: Hong Kong. ‘Man & Shark’ is book and short film of the same title, which explores the barbaric practice of shark-finning in developing nations, so that consumers in Hong Kong and China can eat shark fin soup at their weddings, company banquets and celebrations. The book and short film aims to show why sharks, as the ocean’s apex predators, are necessary to keep the marine ecosystem in balance. ‘Man & Shark’ also bears witness to the ignorance of shopkeepers selling shark fin in Hong Kong. And it explores why Chinese people eat shark fin soup in the first place, and the dangers to human health from mercury poisoning.’Man & Shark’ was conceived in Mozambique, Yemen, and Hong Kong, and includes many underwater images from all over the world.”

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Loreo 3D “Lens in a Cap” Photo

Loreo 3D “Lens in a Cap”

The Loreo 3D “Lens in a cap” can be used to turn a standard or digital SLR camera into a 3D camera. It is a self-contained, integrated lens and reflector system that mounts directly onto the camera body, and uses the cameras exposure and focusing controls. There are versions available for cropped sensor and 4:3 format cameras. Loreo also have a range of 3D viewers including one for computer screens and do not recommend using the anaglyph technique.

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