Bahamian Sharks threatened by shark finning Photo

Bahamian Sharks threatened by shark finning

SUNCO Wholesale Seafood Ltd. has announced that it plans to explore the export of shark fin caught in the Bahamas. Sharks have never been commercially fished there before, which helps to explain the healthy shark populations that exist. SUNCO’s CEO James Mackey stated that he was looking into the possibility although he did not yet have permissions from the Department of Marine Resources. The company, which is based at North Mastic Point, Andros has set up with close trading links to the Chinese Shenzhen Fengyuhua Trade Co. Ltd via a shell company in New Jersey and is currently “harvesting” a daily average of 5,000 “furry” sea cucumbers (Astichopus multifidus).

The impact of large-scale shark finning on the Bahamian shark population would be immense. There is currently no protection in Bahamian law for sharks, as there has not yet been a need. In order to try and change this, a petition has been launched urging the government to ban the import and export of shark products.

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Nikon unveils the P7000 compact camera Photo

Nikon unveils the P7000 compact camera

Nikon has unveiled a new compact camera, widely touted as a serious competitor for the popular Canon G11.The P7000 has a 10.1 megapixel CCD sensor and the camera will shoot in RAW mode, with built-in processing available if required. It can shoot HD video of 720p, at 24fps, and has an ISO range of up to 2400. Its lens has a minimum focal length of 28mm, giving an equivalent of 35mm on FX, with a vibration reduction (VR) function and a neutral density filter option.

The camera is expected to be available later in September.

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Light & Motion releases Wetmate 65 lens Photo

Light & Motion releases Wetmate 65 lens

Light & Motion has announced the shipping release of their Wetmate 65 degree lens. Designed to fit over the flat port on any of Light & Motions 2010 range of Sony housings, the wet lens adds versatility and function to a housing, allowing the user to go from macro to wide-angle on the same dive. Light & Motion has used low distortion glass on the lens for minimal distortion and has also released a 90 degree version.

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Keldan Luna 8 LA-V LED video light review Photo

Keldan Luna 8 LA-V LED video light review

The Keldan Luna 8 LA-V LED is a battery-integrated video light that features a 40-watt LED and diffused polycarbonate dome port. It’s quite bright, outputting 2100 (measured) lumens with a color rendering index (CRI) of 95 (Ra). I took a pair of the lights with me to the Maldives to see what they could do. The review includes sample video footage of a moray eel hunting, taken during a night dive in North Ari, Maldives. Continue reading, if you’re into underwater lighting!

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Last-minute cancellation on Bahamas Sep 11-19 trip Photo

Last-minute cancellation on Bahamas Sep 11-19 trip

We’ve just had a last-minute cancellation for our Bahamas sharks, dolphins and goliath groupers expedition, which departs this Saturday, September 11, 2010 and returns on September 19. The trip is designed for photographic productivity and targets tiger sharks, lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, Atlantic spotted dolphins, and goliath groupers.

If you’re interested, please contact Dan Baldocchi at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Wetpixel’s Eric Cheng is leading the trip.

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Stingray Ballet: A DSLR video Photo

Stingray Ballet: A DSLR video

Stephen Frink has posted Stingray Ballet, a video shot on a Canon 5DMKII DSLR onto YouTube. The footage was shot at Grand Cayman’s Stingray City with a 14mm lens in shallow water, using available light and the now well-known “white fin” white-balance technique.

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Shark free marinas petition: Sailfish Marina Photo

Shark free marinas petition: Sailfish Marina

Sailfish Marina and Resort, Palm Beach, Florida is owned by Carl H. Linder, number 586 in the list of the worlds richest men. As such, he has recently donated large sums of money to establish the Carl H. Linder Family Center for Reproduction of Endangered Wildlife at the Cincinnati Zoo and is known as a generous benefactor of the zoo. It seems a little ironic that the marina and resort he owns is responsible for the landing of critically endangered sharks, in the name of sport. It would seem that Mr. Linder is correctly intentioned, but perhaps ignorant of what goes on. In order to inform him, and to prevent further landings of sharks at Sailfish Marina, please sign the Shark-free Sailfish Marina petition.

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Blue Ocean Film Festival: Industry Showcase Photo

Blue Ocean Film Festival: Industry Showcase

Last month’s Blue Ocean Film Festival featured and industry and technology trade show, and we’ve finally updated our article to comprehensively cover latest in underwater gear and marine conservation that was on display. Better late than never, hopefully.

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