Panasonic announces full production to TV HD 3D solutions at CES Photo

Panasonic announces full production to TV HD 3D solutions at CES

Panasonic has announced a full complement of HD components covering production to end user 3D HDTV products for 2010 at CES. These products include a HD 3D camcorder that uses SDHC cards, a 3D BluRay player and a 3D HDTV. The new HD 3D Camcorder is basically one camera with 2 lenses. The custom $21,000 camera is the most compact HD 3D camera yet and uses SDHC cards for storage.

To push on the 3D wave, Panasonic also announced a new 3D Blu Ray player and 3 new HD 3D HDTV series, thus offering a complete solution for HD 3D home entertainment systems. And yes you still have to wear those 3D glasses!

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Canon reveals 9 new Vixia HF camcorders at CES Photo

Canon reveals 9 new Vixia HF camcorders at CES

Canon has announced 9 new Vixia HF models in the M, S and R series camcorders at CES. The new lineup includes the HF S21 with 2 SDHC card slots and built-in 64GB memory, allowing up to 24 hrs recording capability at SD resolution and almost 12 hours of full 24mbps AVCHD video. The camera also has a new Powered IS for telephoto shooting, along with a sensor optimized for low light operation, a LCD viewfinder and a bigger 3.5” LCD touch screen. All models will be available by April.

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Tightened airline security after December 25th incident Photo

Tightened airline security after December 25th incident

Following the December 25 incident on Northwest airlines, TSA has tightened security measures for travelers, which means that travelers should arrive at airports earlier for increased security checks. In addition, some countries have instituted carry-on baggage policy changes. Although not all airlines have posted updated carry-on baggage policies, examples of new security regulations can be found on both United Airlines’ and American Airlines’ websites…

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Nocturne, a short film made with a Canon 1D Mark IV Photo

Nocturne, a short film made with a Canon 1D Mark IV

VIncent LaForet follows up his first ViDSLR short film, Reverie, with Nocturne, a film shot entirely with a Canon 1D Mark IV in available light in Los Angeles. Using Zeiss and Canon fast lenses and ISO of up to 6400, the film showcases the 1D Mark IV’s low video noise capabilities, producing very clean images in low light conditions. Strangely, Canon had originally wanted this film off the internet but has finally approved it just before x’mas. Join in the discussion in our forums as we discuss the implications of such low light ability in HD recording. The Vimeo version is embedded and a link to the 1080p on SmugMug is available.

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Diving Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Fields atoll Photo

Diving Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Fields atoll

I’ve just returned from back-to-back Wetpixel expeditions to the remote Eastern Fields atoll in Papua New Guinea, where I found the reefs to be some of the healthiest on the planet.

Excerpt: “A dense collection of sea fans, soft corals, and other reef animals line the entire reef slope from 35 meters to 5 meters in depth, providing underwater photographers with an unlimited number of wide-angle and macro subjects. Anthias and small fish cluster above the coral just below a tangle of parrotfish, wrasses, lionfish, trumpetfish, snappers and angelfish, while jacks, barracuda, and dogtooth tuna hunt from the blue”

Click through for the full trip report and photo album.

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Can-Do Short Film Competition with Canon ViDSLR Photo

Can-Do Short Film Competition with Canon ViDSLR

Can-Do Film Festival and Competition is an online film festival for Canon EOS ViDSLR filmmakers from all over the world. The inaugural event starts January 01 and submissions will be accepted till March 20th 2010. Winners will be announced by mid-April. This film competition MUST BE entirely shot on Canon’s EOS ViDSLR/HDDSLR cameras only and there is a 4 minute limit on entries. There are various categories including Documentary- Nature which is a natural fit for underwater short films. Good luck and happy shooting!

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A Conversation With Espen Rekdal Photo

A Conversation With Espen Rekdal

Wetpixel’s Alex Mustard continues his new series of interview based articles on the techniques of underwater photography with A Conversation with Espen Rekdal the reigning CMAS World Champion of underwater photography, from Norway.

In the interview we discuss some of the techniques, equipment and philosophies of strobe lighting, not just in terms of controlling the quantity of light, but also the quality. We also talk a bit about fisheye photography and supermacro, including one of Espen’s recent specialities, open water supermacro.

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Nauticam D90 Field Review Photo

Nauticam D90 Field Review

The new Nauticam housing line has been the focus of much interest in the Wetpixel forums since its official unveiling at DEMA in Orlando. David Henshaw recently had the chance to complete this field review on a pre-production version of the Nikon D90 housing.

I believe that this is the first review published on any housing from Nauticam, so even if you are not a Nikon D90 user it is worth reading to the review for an opinion on this new line of housings.

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