Results of Hugycup 2010 announced Photo

Results of Hugycup 2010 announced

The results of the Hugycup 2010 competition have been announced. At a ceremony last week at the Seraya Beach Resort, Bali, venue for the event, over €30,000 worth of prizes were given away. More then 100 participants from 9 different countries competed in 9 photo categories and in two video categories. The Hugycup 2011 will possibly will be held in Dahab, Egypt.

Full results and the winning images are available on the events website.

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Bull sharks killed at Playa del Carmen Photo

Bull sharks killed at Playa del Carmen

Last week, a local fisherman from Puerto Morelos, Mexico killed nine bull sharks, part of a group that had entertained divers on the reefs around Playa del Carmen. Seven were pregnant females and a total of 50 pups were pulled from their bellies. Shark fishing is not illegal in Mexico, however dive shops in the area have established a tourism market around the bull shark season and the local diving community has encouraged fishermen to leave the sharks alone. (via DivePhotoGuide).

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Tony Wu reviews Totomega insect eye lens Photo

Tony Wu reviews Totomega insect eye lens

Tony Wu has posted a review of the new Totomega insect eye lens on his blog. He has been using one to shoot stills and video on the recent Wetpixel Ambon Night Safari. He compares it to the similar Inon lens and finds:

“The bottom line is that the two lenses were created with a similar objective, but have different optical characteristics. Both are a challenge to shoot, but the unique perspective can make the effort worthwhile.”

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DEMA show 2010: Coverage Photo

DEMA show 2010: Coverage

The annual DEMA show is the biggest trade only dive event in the world. Just about every company involved in the industry has some form of presence here, including all the major underwater imaging equipment companies. The Image Resource Center is an enclave within the show which caters specifically these companies and has a program of regular seminars.

For DEMA 2010, Sterling Zumbrunn and Adam Hanlon attended the show for Wetpixel, and have provided detailed coverage of many of the booths featuring imaging products. Click though for the final show report.

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Nikon D7000 video licenses Photo

Nikon D7000 video licenses

Nikon Rumors has reported that AVC codec used by the newly released Nikon D7000 camera is only available for personal and non-commercial use. This is as stated in the D7000’s user manual (page xvii) and is currently being debated on the forums.

There is an interesting article about “Know Your Rights: H.264, patent licensing, and you” on engadget.

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Raja Ampat creates shark sanctuary Photo

Raja Ampat creates shark sanctuary

Bupati Drs Marcus Wanma, Regent of Raja Ampat, has announced the creation of a 15,000 square mile shark sanctuary in the waters surrounding Raja Ampat, Indonesia. It will provide full protection for sharks, manta rays, mobulas, dugongs, and turtles. Also prohibited will be the highly destructive practices including reef bombing and the aquarium fish trade. The Shark Sanctuary declaration is in direct response to a campaign mounted by Shark Savers in partnership with Misool Eco Resort. The campaign won the support of over 8,500 divers and conservationists and hundreds of tourism and diving companies and NGOs from around the world.

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NCUPS SEA 2010 Winners Announced Photo

NCUPS SEA 2010 Winners Announced

The Northern California Underwater Photographic Society has announced the winners of the 46th Annual SEA International Underwater Photographic Competition. The 2010 winner of the Bob Commer Award for Excellence in Underwater Photography and SEA International Best of Show is Keri Wilk.

The digital still competition this year brought an increase in Novice entries, up by almost double from last year, and an increase in Video entries. All winning images and competition comments are displayed on the NCUPS website.

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Wetpixel Ambon Night Safari 2010 trip journal Photo

Wetpixel Ambon Night Safari 2010 trip journal

Eric Cheng is now in Ambon, Indonesia with the 2010 Wetpixel Ambon Night Safari. He has started a thread in the forum, where he (and others) will be reporting back and posting pictures and video from the field. Eric and some others in the group are shooting stills and video with the Inon Micro Semi-Fisheye Relay Lens UFL-MR130, so expect some unique perspectives.

The idea behind the trip is to eschew daytime diving in favor of a nocturnal existence, diving up to three times each night to sample the weird and wonderful night life in the area.

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