Adobe and Pantone highlight coral bleaching Photo

Adobe and Pantone highlight coral bleaching

Adobe and Pantone, in partnership with coral conservation organizations, have announced their “Glowing, Glowing, Gone” campaign that highlighting the effects of rising sea temperatures on coral reefs by using colors. Prior to bleaching corals exhibit a stressed fluorescence color palette that the Adobe and Pantone team have exactly captured to illustrate the issue.

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Majestic Explorer founders in Galapagos Photo

Majestic Explorer founders in Galapagos

Galapagos live aboard dive vessel Majestic Explorer has run aground and foundered in the Central Galapagos. Thankfully, the crew and passengers were all able to evacuate to another nearby vessel safely, but sadly a delay meant that the vessel sustained unsalvageable damage.

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Review: Datacolor SpyderX Pro Photo

Review: Datacolor SpyderX Pro

Monitor calibration is an important tool that aims to ensure that the colors we see in our images are accurately reflected on other’s and when we chose to print them. Datacolor’s Spyder family of color calibration tools are widely used to calibrate and maintain many user’s display color fidelity. Wetpixel provides a “real life” review of the latest version: The SpyderX Pro.

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