Orcalight releases new SeaWolf lights Photo

Orcalight releases new SeaWolf lights

Orcalight has expanded their SeaWolf light range. They now offer three LED models. The first is a canister battery powered light with 22,000 lumen output and a burn time of 70 minutes at full power. The second has the same output in a hand held design and a burn time of 50 minutes and the third has an output of 15,000 lumen and a longevity of 45 minutes. All models are available with 120° beam optics and have no hot spots.

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Norbert Wu reviews fins Photo

Norbert Wu reviews fins

Underwater photographer and filmmaker Norbert Wu, in conjunction with Wetpixel, has written a personal comparative review of many of the fins available for use by underwater image makers. Although not exhaustive, and by his own admission somewhat subjective, this is the first time that a serious attempt has been made to compare different fins and their suitability for use when diving for images.

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Nikon issues service advisory for D810 Photo

Nikon issues service advisory for D810

Nikon has issued a service advisory for the newly released D810 SLR. Certain serial numbers of the camera are having issues with “bright spots” appearing in images while shooting long exposures. Nikon has identified the problem: “We have determined that some noise (bright spots) may on occasion be noticeable when shooting long exposures, and in images captured at an Image area setting of 1.2× (30×20)”.

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