Stephen Frink named Diver of the Year Photo

Stephen Frink named Diver of the Year

Wetpixel member, Alert Diver publisher and Seacam USA owner, Stephen Frink, has been named as Beneath the Sea’s Diver of the Year for 2013. This is in recognition of “his outstanding service to the scuba diving industry”. Stephen is a former member of the DAN Board of Directors and his images have appeared in a large number of both diving and non-diving publications. The award will be presented to him on 23 March at a VIP banquet during the Beneath the Sea show. I’m sure that the Wetpixel community will join me in extending many congratulations to Stephen.

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Interview: David Fleetham, underwater photographer Photo

Interview: David Fleetham, underwater photographer

Wetpixel interviews underwater photographer David Fleetham, one of the most published underwater photographers in the world. David’s photographs have been published around the globe, with over two hundred magazine covers to date. In 1991 his photograph of a sandbar shark appeared on the cover of LIFE. It is the only underwater image to ever be published on the cover.

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Interview: Peter Hughes on dive travel Photo

Interview: Peter Hughes on dive travel

Peter Hughes has been synonymous with dive travel for over 25 years. The Peter Hughes/Dancer fleet has offered live-aboard diving to a huge number of people, and is one of the most recognized brands within the scuba travel marketplace. What is perhaps less well known is that Peter sold the company in 2008, and is now the head of a new entity, the DivEncounters Alliance (DE). This was set up to bring a variety of individually owned but philosophically similar live-aboard vessels together under one “roof”. Peter’s history is, in many ways the history of dive travel, in which most of the Wetpixel community are a part of too. Wetpixel caught up to him to ask about how he views the dive travel market, and how he sees underwater inmate makers fitting in to it.

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Wetpixel’s new design! Photo

Wetpixel’s new design!

We are extremely excited to launch the new Wetpixel.com, which has been redesigned to more beautifully celebrate underwater photography and videography. We have a new section of the site called Full Frame, where we will publish photo essays featuring a string of beautiful, large pictures from contributors. The forums have been updated to the latest version of the software and supports the Tapatalk iOS app…

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Baja by Eric Higuera Photo

Baja by Eric Higuera

The short film, Baja, was recently awarded the 2013 Stan Waterman Award for Excellence in Underwater Videography, a part of the Beneath the Sea (BTS) imaging contest. The filmmaker describes his project as being:

“Finally completed after a year of hard work and dedication, it was made to show and share with you the amazing and beautiful creatures that inhabit its waters. These beauties are still there, but most threatened. Many fish stocks have been depleted due to uncontrolled illegal fishing worldwide, especially in breeding and marine protected areas.”

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Ikelite housing for Nikon D5200 Photo

Ikelite housing for Nikon D5200

Ikelite has released its housing for the Nikon D5200 SLR. As is normally the case, the company are the first to announce a housing for the camera, has TTL exposure control as a standard feature (when used with current Ikelite DS Substrobes) and is supplied with lens zoom rings. The housing is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate and has a glass viewfinder.

The Ikelite housing for the Nikon D5200 will be available in Mid March at a US retail price of $1,500.00.

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Inon releases new macro lenses Photo

Inon releases new macro lenses

Inon has announced the release of the UCL-100M67 and UCL-100LD close-up lenses. These can deliver super macro imaging capabilities with optical glass lenses in 3 elements of 3 groups and an anti-reflection coating on all four inner surfaces. They also feature a larger lens apertures to minimize vignetting even when using a camera with a 28mm lens at the wide end of its zoom range. It is available in 67mm threaded ( UCL-100M67) or Inon bayonet (UCL-100LD) versions. Inon M67 series close-up lens can be stacked on either version.

The new lenses are available now.

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Nauticam announces housing for Canon G15 Photo

Nauticam announces housing for Canon G15

Nauticam has announced the imminent release of their housing for the Canon PowerShot G15 compact camera. The NA-G15 is made of aluminum and gives access to the programmable front and rear command dials as well as the mode and exposure dials. It also has a 67mm thread for attaching wet lenses and, as their press release points out, this gives the option of attaching Inon’s UWL-S100 ZM80 wide conversion lens and/or its additional dome lens unit. Lastly, the housing has fiber optic ports for strobe triggering.

The NA-G15 will be available from 1 March at a US retail price of $1050.

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