Ocean Artists Society presents Saving Sharks Photo

Ocean Artists Society presents Saving Sharks

The Ocean Artists Society has posted a film about shark conservation. 48 members contributed their artwork to the project, and the music was scored by a member artist. Amanda Cotton describes the goal of the film:

As ocean advocates and artists, it is our duty to create a connection between those who view our work and the ocean. We serve a pivotal role as her voice, as steadfast protectors, just as sharks play a vital role in the health of our oceans in keeping balance and order within them. The survival of our oceans, and of ourselves, are reflected within the story of sharks themselves. Without them in our oceans, we are lost. In their future, we create our own.”

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Breaking news: Our World Underwater deadline extended Photo

Breaking news: Our World Underwater deadline extended

Due to load in the final few hours, the Our World Underwater server has started to crack under the pressure of last-minute entries. In order to be fair to everyone who is still wishing to enter, we have decided to extend the entry deadline until 11.59PM EST on Monday 21 January. For video entries, this will mean that films mailed in will need to be in the post overnight by Monday 21 to be delivered by Wednesday 23 January latest.

Full details of entry procedures and contest rules are available on the UnderwaterCompetition.com site.

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Pew Environment releases shark fin identity guide Photo

Pew Environment releases shark fin identity guide

Pew Environment Group has released a guide to the fins of the oceanic whitetip, porbeagle, scalloped, smooth and great hammerhead sharks. The aim of the guide is to assist enforcement and customs personnel in the provisional identification of dorsal fins, allowing for these fins to be held pending an expert or genetic test. All five shark species are in need of protection and are proposed for CITES protection at the organization’s next meeting due to be held in Bangkok, Thailand in March this year.

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Final call: Our World Underwater 2013 Photo

Final call: Our World Underwater 2013

The deadline for entries for the 2013 Our World Underwater is fast approaching. All photographic and video entries must be submitted before 19 January (video entries must be postmarked as being despatched before 17 January). Thanks to our sponsors, we are offering over $40,000 in world-class prizes and the entry judges to be Best of Show will receive a cash prize of $1,000.

Full entry details and competition rules and guidelines are on the UnderwaterCompetition.com website.

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Hugyfot housing for GoPro Photo

Hugyfot housing for GoPro

An image has been posted on Facebook that shows a Hugyfot housing for the GoPro HERO3. Details are not yet available, but the image shows the housing having an external monitor attached via a ball mount which presumably uses the camera’s HDMI connection. There also seems to be an additional port as well as a window for the LCD BacPac. Housing controls seem to give access to all camera functions. The illustration also shows the housing attached to a tray with two grips.

Hugyfot has just released full details. The housing will retails for 499 Euros, and will be available from mid-March 2013.

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Judge rules on Twitter images copyright Photo

Judge rules on Twitter images copyright

In a possible landmark ruling, District Judge Alison Nathan of Manhattan has issued a ruling that the two news companies had improperly used an image posted on Twitter and that the use constituted copyright infringement. Petapixel reports that photojournalist Daniel Morel had claimed copyright on an image taken during the Haitian earthquakes in 2010 that he had posted on his Twitter feed, and was subsequently used by Agence France-Presse and The Washington Post. The judge upheld his claim, dismissed the news agencies’ counter-claims but limited his claim for damages to the”number of photos used without permission.”

The case has implications for photographer’s rights, particularly with regard to images on social networking sites. (Image from Petapixel.)

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Last few spaces for Wetpixel Alaska 2013 Photo

Last few spaces for Wetpixel Alaska 2013

There are now only three spaces left on the Wetpixel Alaska Expedition for 2013. The trip departs Juneau on 18 July and will arrive at Ketchikan on 1 August, and is based on board the well-known liveaboard, the Nautilus Swell. Alaska offers some of the best cold-water diving in the world and during the trip divers can expect to see and photograph gorgeous colorful reefs, humpback whales, glaciers, sea otters, stellar sea lions, bald eagles, harbor seals, jellyfish and wolf eels.

The last few spaces are expected to sell out very quickly, so please don’t delay in getting in touch with trip leader Jason Bradley if you are interested.

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Nocturnal Lights releases the M700i video light Photo

Nocturnal Lights releases the M700i video light

Nocturnal Lights has released the M700i video light. It features an 80° reflector and outputs 700 lumens at full power or 280 lumens at low power. It is powered by two CR123 batteries which give a burn time of 1.5 to 2 hours on full. In addition, there is an optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery available. Nocturnal Lights offer various mounting options, including double, YS mount and a ball joint adapter.

The M700i is available now at $204.99 (with a YS mount).

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