Study into shark social behaviour Photo

Study into shark social behaviour

A new study published in the Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology journal suggests that shark social behavior is determined by an individual’s predisposition to be social or not. This underlines the idea that individual sharks have differing behavioural characters, or to put it more bluntly, have personalities. Whilst this will come as no surprise to those that have experienced them in the wild, it does help to overcome the preconception that sharks are not sentient.

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GoPro releases HERO4 Photo

GoPro releases HERO4

GoPro have officially announced their new HERO4 models with an expected shipping date of 5 October. The HERO4 Black features 4K video and the silver has a built-in touchscreen. Both feature improved user interfaces and manual control of “Color, Sharpness, ISO Limit, and Exposure” in Protune. Lastly the company has released a budget camera, the HERO.

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Review: Reikan FoCal Pro AF calibration software Photo

Review: Reikan FoCal Pro AF calibration software

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon presents a review of Reikan FoCal Autofocus fine tuning software. High resolution digital cameras tend to show any flaws that are present in the lens, and minute differences in manufacturing tolerances in both lenses and cameras can result in sub optimum results. Calibration software can be used to correct these idiosyncrasies, and FoCal offers a fully automated solution.

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