GoPro releases HERO4 Photo

GoPro releases HERO4

GoPro have officially announced their new HERO4 models with an expected shipping date of 5 October. The HERO4 Black features 4K video and the silver has a built-in touchscreen. Both feature improved user interfaces and manual control of “Color, Sharpness, ISO Limit, and Exposure” in Protune. Lastly the company has released a budget camera, the HERO.

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Review: Reikan FoCal Pro AF calibration software Photo

Review: Reikan FoCal Pro AF calibration software

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon presents a review of Reikan FoCal Autofocus fine tuning software. High resolution digital cameras tend to show any flaws that are present in the lens, and minute differences in manufacturing tolerances in both lenses and cameras can result in sub optimum results. Calibration software can be used to correct these idiosyncrasies, and FoCal offers a fully automated solution.

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Andrej Belic: Photokina 2014 Photo

Andrej Belic: Photokina 2014

Wetpixel member and equipment designer Andrej Belic presents images and a synopsis of the new products that were presented at Photokina 2014. Traditionally the show, held in Colognes, Germany, is the place where many of the major camera and accessory manufacturers present their new products to the public. Andrej is also in the process of designing a new housing which will utilize Wifi to control the cameras within them. In his review, he shows the first images valuable of them too.

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President Obama announces Pacific marine sanctuary Photo

President Obama announces Pacific marine sanctuary

The BBC reports that the President Obama has signed a memorandum to create the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Wetpixel wrote about the plan back in June, which is now signed into law. It bans “commercial fishing, deep-sea mining and other extraction of underwater resources” in an area 200 nautical miles (1.2 million sq. km) around seven scattered Pacific islands, atolls and reefs between Hawaii and American Samoa.

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