Review: GoPro Professional Guide to Filmmaking Photo

Review: GoPro Professional Guide to Filmmaking

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon presents a review of the new GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking. The cameras are now ubiquitous, and are an almost standard part of the scuba diver’s equipment. Unfortunately perhaps, the widespread availability of the cameras has not always resulted in an improvement in the films being presented! The new guide will help those new to video to capture, create and shape amazing films

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Sea Save Foundation auction is underway Photo

Sea Save Foundation auction is underway

The Sea Save Foundation has launched their annual online auction. Over 50 lots, featuring trips, prints and experiences are available, with all the funds raised being used to fund Sea Save’s ongoing campaigns to educate individuals, encourage advocacy and to facilitate change in public policy. The auction ends on 16 December, so please head on over and bid soon.

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Paper quantifies plastic pollution Photo

Paper quantifies plastic pollution

The journal PLoS ONE has published a paper that sets out to quantify the amount of plastic pollution that exists in the world’s seas and oceans. The report is based on 24 worldwide expeditions undertaken between 2007 and 2013 which used surface netting and visual methods to quantify the extent of the pollution. The researchers came up with a statistic that suggests that there are more than 5 trillion plastic particles, weighing over 268,940 tons, floating at sea.

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Video: Ocean Gravity by Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier Photo

Video: Ocean Gravity by Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier

Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier have released a new freediving short film. Entitled “Ocean Gravity” it explores the weightlessness of being underwater: “Just like in the space, there isn’t anymore a top or a bottom. There isn’t anymore upside down and wrong side out. The ocean becomes cosmos, the man a satellite, and the bottom of the sea an unknown planet. Welcome in the fascinating universe of Ocean Gravity.”

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Keldan ships Video 8M lights Photo

Keldan ships Video 8M lights

Keldan has announced via their US distributer, Nauticam USA, that they are now shipping their Video 8M light. The “M” stands for modular as there are a variety of light modules and reflectors available for each light. There are two standard models, the Video 8M Flux and Video 8M CRI. The former has an output of 9000 lumen and the latter 8000, but at a higher CRI value, which results in more faithful rendering of colors underwater.

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