Wetpixel Guide: Your new housing Photo

Wetpixel Guide: Your new housing

Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon provides some guidance and critical steps for those fortunate enough to have received new camera and housing systems over the holiday period. Whilst new normally means waterproof, there are few checks and set up steps that are worth performing before the system gets used for its first real dive.

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Report: Silence of the Sharks Photo

Report: Silence of the Sharks

The first Silence of the Sharks protest dive was held in the Red Sea resort of Eilat, Israel. 87 divers dived together on the wreck of the Satil to protest the against shark finning and to raise awareness of the plight of sharks in the marine ecosystem. Further protests are planned around the globe, including a dive with 500 divers in the Mediterranean in October 2016.

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Happy Holidays Photo

Happy Holidays

Wishing the Wetpixel community the very happiest of holiday seasons. We hope that you are able to enjoy the season with friends and family and if you are lucky enough to be underwater somewhere, may your imaging opportunities be stunning!

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