Jon Gross Published in Xray Magazine Photo

Jon Gross Published in Xray Magazine

Last week we reported that Jack Connick’s work was featured in X-Ray magazine.  We found out that not only was one Wetpixel member featured, but that another - Jon Gross had a portfolio published, as well as upcoming work in the next issue.

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New Italian Digital Photography Book

Italian Publisher Digital Life Style has just released a new book “Fotografia subacquea per turtisti digitali” by Enzo Borri. This book, only available in Italian at present, includes chapters on the basics of digital photography, underwater light and optics, camera maintenance, composition, filter photography and post processing. The book is in full colour and is 128 pages long. It costs Euros 11,90.

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25th California Beach Dive Photo Competition Photo

25th California Beach Dive Photo Competition

The 25th California Beach Dive Photo Competition will take place on Memorial Day Weekend, May 28 and 29, 2005 in Monterey, California. The event is sponsored by the Northern California Underwater Photographic Society.
Underwater photographers shooting either film or digital images are welcome to compete for the honor of winning and a great selection of prizes.

All diving has to be done from the beach: NO BOATS, which is a great equalizer. All shooting is on Saturday between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Pick up registration materials in the morning, shoot, return film or download digital images in the afternoon.

There’s a great dinner party Saturday night, film shooters select entries Sunday morning, awards ceremony and prize selection is 3:00 p.m. Sunday. Prizes include trips to to exotic dive locations and great dive gear.

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Wetpixel Member Todd Mintz - Inon Artist of the Month Photo

Wetpixel Member Todd Mintz - Inon Artist of the Month

Long-time Wetpixel member Todd Mintz is featured as Inon America’s Artist of the Month for April.  Todd’s photos from the Bahamas, British Columbia, and Indonesia are proudly displayed with photo and equipment commentary.  According to Todd: “I relish the challenge to improve and adapt to the new situations that underwater photography provides. I feel it is a continual learning process. Each situation, setting and subject is different and requires practice, thought and a little luck. If I am lucky enough, and all the elements come together I may capture that photograph that was in my minds eye when I originally planned the trip. That said I also realize that it takes many people to make a great photograph. I have been fortunate to have been around some great underwater photographers who have been extremely gracious to impart bits of wisdom and experience my way.”

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Canon 350D Review Posted at Dpreview.com Photo

Canon 350D Review Posted at Dpreview.com

Check out Phil Askey’s review of the Canon 350D “RebelXT” at DPreview.  This camera received a “Highly Recommended” rating and looks like a considerable improvement over the first Digital Rebel.  The review contains sample images and Phil’s image noise comparison table.  Also included is a “rollover” image, showing the body differences between the older and new Digital Rebel cameras.

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More Nikon D2X Images, Underwater Photo

More Nikon D2X Images, Underwater

I know you’re all interested in seeing more photos from the Nikon D2X, underwater.  Wetpixel co-admin Dr. Alex Mustard has posted some images from his recent trip to the Caymans, focusing on fish behavioUr and portraits.

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