Minolta DiMAGE X Marine Case

Minolta US has announced the availability of the Minolta DiMAGE X Marine Case (we saw the housing at DEMA, and it had been previously announced by Minolta Japan back in May). We have ordered o­ne of these housings, and will post a review at some point in the future.

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Virus, at DEMA 2002 Hilton

Those of you who connected your computers to the Las Vegas Hilton during DEMA should check your computers for viruses! From Tim Baskin, posted o­n the uw-photo mailing list:
Just a little FYI. I was at the Hilton in Las Vegas this last week during DEMA. I logged o­n the high speed Internet offered in the hotel room. Lo and behold I got hit with the first virus I had encountered. It appears it was located o­n the hotel sever and infected any computer the logged o­n that had sharing turned o­n. My mistake. Luckily my virus software caught it in time. Just FYI. (I got a a derivation of the Nimda virus the comes from network connections)

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Ikelite S2 Pro Review

We've just posted a review of Ikelite's Fuji S2 Pro Digital SLR Housing, by James Wiseman: "For a digital shooter who is 'moving up' from a consumer camera to an SLR, there will be a lot to learn but you will also literally laugh with joy o­n your first dive with this setup. The camera's instantaneous response when you press the shutter is like a dream come true."
[read the review]

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Forum Announcements

1. Image uploads now supported!
Forum members may now upload images to our server! Each file is limited to 50Kb, so be sure to downsize your images appropriately. :)

2. James Wiseman, Moderator

Please congratulate James Wiseman (jamesw) who is now a forum moderator! He was gracious enough to volunteer to help us out, and is responsible for more than 20% of the total forum posting volume (1000+ posts, so far!).

3. Introduce yourselves!

In an attempt to build more community here, it would be great to have an overview of who is actually frequenting wetpixel. If you have a minute, please go over to the forums and introduce yourselves (click here to be taken to the introduction thread)!

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