DxO releases OpticsPro 10 Photo

DxO releases OpticsPro 10

DxO has announced an upgrade to their OpticsPro image processing software. Version 10 features a “haze reduction” tool called ClearView, which could be an interesting tool underwater, as well as an upgraded version of their PRIME noise reduction process. OpticsPro 10 has improved its boot speed and will now also support DNG files, enhancing compatibility with Adobe’s products.

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Fstoppers reviews the Fotodiox Tough E-Mount Photo

Fstoppers reviews the Fotodiox Tough E-Mount

All Sony E-Mount cameras (apart from the a7S) are fitted with a 2 piece plastic and metal mount, which wears over time, causing “wobble” in lenses. Photodiode has recently released an aftermarket metal mount that can be fitted to Sony cameras. Fstoppers has published comprehensive review and guide to both the replacement of the stock mount with the Fotodiox one and to its subsequent performance. (Image from Fstoppers).

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Video: Parrotfish life cycle Photo

Video: Parrotfish life cycle

short animated video made by the University of Queensland explaining the life cycle of the rainbow parrot fish (Scarus guacamaia) has been posted on YouTube by Catlin Seaview Survey. For those of us wondering what is the difference between initial and terminal phase or what polychromatism is, this is an excellent tutorial!

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Sony offers Pro Support to photographers Photo

Sony offers Pro Support to photographers

Sony has announced that it will offer a support package for professional photographers using Sony products. The benefits of the scheme include dedicated phone/email support, 3 day repair turnaround time with product loan options, free camera and/or lens maintenance, invitation to special events, in and outbound shipping costs and evaluation loaners.

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