US Congress considers banning shark feeding Photo

US Congress considers banning shark feeding

Southern Fried Science reports that a bill is currently being passed through the US Congress that would ban the use of food to attract sharks withn US waters. This would include using chum, or feeding underwater in any form. Perhaps ironically, Section 3 of S. 3099, the “Access for Sportfishing Act of 2016,” specifically states that shark feeding would be banned “for any purpose other than to harvest sharks.”

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Kayakers experience humpbacks feeding in San Francisco Bay Photo

Kayakers experience humpbacks feeding in San Francisco Bay

A small group of kayakers experienced a rare sight this past sunday when they encountered a group of humpback whales feeding in San Francisco Bay. Lyrinda Snyderman and Dick Mallory from Petaluma, California were kayaking in the bay when they spotted a group of feeding seabirds and went to investigate. What they encountered was a group of feeding humpback whales, an encounter not often experienced in San Francisco Bay.

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Adobe updates Lightroom Mobile Photo

Adobe updates Lightroom Mobile

Adobe has released a significant update to Lightroom Mobile. Both iOS version (2.4) and Android (2.1) now allows raw images to be imported via a card reader, edited and exported. Camera and lens support is as per the desktop version. The new versions allow linear and radial selections and copyright information can be added to all images on import.

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